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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by idratherjack, May 29, 2013.

  1. Ha, Makosi was great but ruined things for herself with the whole "am I pregnant?" thing.
  2. That was awful but I still adore her nonetheless. I never got the love for Aisleyne myself, I just saw her as a wannabe ghetto white girl, she got more tolerable with time though.
  3. BB7 is the best series of Big Brother, and Aisleyne is one of the best housemates of all time. I did like BB6 and Makosi to begin with, but the ending weeks and her exit interview completely put me off her. She didn't seem to learn when she returned to UBB either.

    BB7 had Aisleyne, Nicki, Lea and Grace - I'm not sure a Big Brother series can compete with that?
  4. Exactly! It really was amazing. I loved all of the above housemates for different reasons. The only negative I can say of BB7 is that it was obvious Pete was the winner from the moment he fell down the stairs into the house. The casting and the tasks, the house next door, the goodies and baddies, the romances, the Golden Ticket, housemates' "journeys" (even though I hate that expression), Russell Brand on Big Mouth, it had it all.
  5. Nicki and Makosi are two of my favourite housemates ever. I won't be watching this series, though. I haven't been invested in a series of BB since BB9.
  6. I understand, it's hard to come down from a housemate like Alexandra De Gale.
  7. Oh, I had forgotten about her. Absolutely vile! Thanks for reminding me.

    I was obsessed with that series though. I even posed for a photo outside Rex's restaurant when I visited London (cringe). One of my favourite moments was when they were doing the cheerleading task and Mikey suggested they count down then chant "Sara, you have been evicted". Cue tumbleweed. I loved Lisa. Once she was out, I was hoping Sara would win, but I was glad they both went away with some money.

    OH! And how could I forget Kat's epic "pwease don't take away any more of my fwens, Big Bruvva." "Kathreya, you have been evicted." Priceless!
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  8. I kinda stopped watching 9 after Luke and Rebecca went, their 'relationship' was hilarious. Nothing will beat Kemal and Kinga's fake romance after the series finished though, they weren't even in the house together! And Kemal had the cheek to accuse Makosi of being fake...

    10 was alright, but then Noirin left so I stopped watching. I love how she said in her VT that people just fall in love with her and about 5 people in the house actually did, ha!
  9. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I want another funny-but-motherly type like Carole in it this year. It needs a real mix of ages, I want to see people who have actually had life experience.

    Well it's only on for a couple of months each year, it's hard to get sick of something you only watch for a short amount of time!
  10. I don't get it either.

    In terms of cultural relevance it's up there (or rather down there) with Duece Bigalow : Male Gigalo and the Lambada.
  11. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    The same Lambada that Jennifer Lopez sampled?
  12. Now that you mention it, I was quite invested in BB10. I remember absolutely loving Angel and Halfwit (and despising Bea, although I can't remember now what she did to deserve it?). I loved Dogface, too.
  13. Alexandra - I want pasta, memba I told you. Pow pow. What part of it don't you understand? Go and look in a dictionary and see what ready means, you will never be ready. I have a very strong team outside, very strong.

    I stopped watching BB10, there were some scary people in the house and the design for the whole season in the house amd graphics was generally in appealing. I watched parts of BB11 and BB12, all of BB13. I think most of the appeal of that series was Deana and Lydia in the corner of the bedroom and then later Deana in the smokers area.
  14. KAG


    I really don't understand why people constantly criticize Big Brother but then lavish praise on shows like X Factor, Britain's Got Talent, Top Model and continue them. It's all mindless entertainment at the end of the day and just because certain reality shows include 'talented' people doesn't necessarily make them superior or more relevant than the others.
  15. If anone's every 'lavished praise' on Britain's Got Talent or X-Factor, I've yet to hear it, and I would recommended that they be sectioned and undergo some extensive electric shock therapy.
  16. So the house pictures have surfaced this morning and features a giant shed in the garden, here's hoping it plays home for some BB6 Makosi/Kemal gossip lodge realness!
  17. Yes, yes, yes! I loved that in BB6 and BB11. I would spend all of my time in there if I was in the house.
  18. SBK


    Might watch properly this year, haven't watched it for about 5 years properly but they've threatened to go back to basics, lets see how much they've lied to us.
  19. That was my first thought too! So much gossip went down in that shed in BB6.

    The house looks great and it appears that Channel 5 are making a real effort with it this year. Marcus Bentley the narrator has also said there is a much better range of housemates this year and less wannabe WAG types who go in with agents in place which can only be a good thing.

    I'm really looking forward to it this year and feel more optimistic about it than I have in years.

    Has anyone seen Rylan's new teeth? They are hilarious!
  20. Do they not have a pool this year?!
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