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Big Brother 14

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by idratherjack, May 29, 2013.

  1. The house looks great and I'm extremely excited for this series as I loved the first few weeks last series, it was so entertaining.

    I think I read that it's camouflaged in the garden.
  2. The house looks awesome, so thats one positive! Hopefully the contestants won't disappoint; I will watch the launch night and maybe a week or so to see where it goes.
  3. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I hope they've got rid of Marcus doing the "you have been evicted, please leave the Big Brother house" announcements. He isn't Big Brother, he's the narrator for the viewers at home. It just sounds so wrong.
  4. Nasty Nick >>>
  5. Surely it doesn't still sound wrong to you? A fair few of the changes were jarring at first, but I've grown to love the freshening up of the format. There comes a time in every spaceman's life when he just has to start embracing change! If you don't, you're just setting yourself up for a life of unhappiness.
  6. The house is looking lovely, really excited now!
  7. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Yes, yes it does. It's not quite up there with the way Brian would clumsily avoid trying to say any of Davina's famous catchphrases, resulting in the awkward "let's look at your be- uh, house highlights", but it does get on a spaceman's tits.
    Channel 5 have breathed new life into the programme, though. You can tell they're really invested in it. I love the way they put housemates names on the screen now, it takes me a long time to work out who is who.
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  8. The only thing about the housemates' names floating on screen TOWIE-fashion is that by the second month you are like "yes, I know who she is!". They do come in handy in the first few weeks though.

    There does seem to be a real enthusiasm and positivity about this year's series that I haven't felt around Big Brother in years. I really hope the housemates live up to it and we are in for a vintage year.
  9. I agree with Tribal, I find him speaking in the house very off. He should have remained the narrator. I quite liked the sound of a producer telling them to get out of the Big Brother house, it sounded menacing and dramatic.

    But yeah, it got to a certain point last year where you were weeks in and "Deana" was popping up, and you're like... yes?! I fucking know!
  10. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Yeah, they should probably drop the on-screen names after a couple of weeks, haha. Unless it's a shot of someone's feet or something.
  11. So excited for this season the house looks great. All we need now are some great housemates, Lydia from last year was a fantastic housemate.
  12. These are the teasers for the housemates tonight (printed in The Daily Star)

    •Dated an Irish professional rugby player
    •Has saved 28 people’s lives.
    •Is a professional middleweight boxer
    •A young sugar daddy who has managed strip clubs
    •Chubby twins who claim Richard Branson is their idol
    •Lived in the Savoy for six months and has a £10,000 per month allowance
    •Is a lesbian fisherwoman
    •A fire-breathing bisexual model
    •Looks like 1D hunk Harry Styles
    •Has a gypsy gangster grandad
    •Football coach who loves a row
    •Cougar who says she is “classy but not a snob”
    •Karate expert with webbed feet who will “kick arse”
    •Has dated a Saudi prince and is looking for a rich husband
    •Dippy dental assistant who is the “new Jade Goody”

    Good grief. Lesbian fishwife for the win.
  13. Here for the chubby twins and the cougar.
  14. Love love love the house! it's so hideous but i've got major BB6 vibes already.

    Emma sounds so nervous bless her.
  15. I love Emma.
  16. Yessss,so much better than Brian.

    P.S - Love Sally already, purely for walking out to 'I Love It'.
  17. I know someone exactly like those twins. I have high expectations for them.
  18. Those twins are awful.
  19. I missed the first 2 (3 technically) housemates, but I like the gold digger.
  20. YESSS major Lea vibes!!

    Loving the twist, I need some eye candy though!
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