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Big Brother 14

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by idratherjack, May 29, 2013.

  1. SBK


    Soooo many wannabes. When will the producers learn...?
  2. Gina has enough money to live in the Savoy yet she seemingly can't afford some nice, non ratty hair extensions.
  3. Its so dull.
  4. I'm a bit torn on the cast. I feel like I've seen 10 incarnations of Daley, Hazel and Callum across BB and CBB before.

    Jemimah, Sallie, Wolfy, Sophie and to an extent Sam, look promising. I'm a bit torn on Dexter and Gina, I'll see how they pan out.

    Someone earlier said that Jemimah has first eviction written all over her? I sadly agree, I hope it's not the case.
  5. This all public voting for who gets nominated seems pretty pointless - it'll be a disaster too. It'll be Sallie, Jemima, and either Dexter or Gina. If Sallie goes I'll have a bitch fit, for the moment I actually like her.
  6. I hate when they interfere with the first nominations in particular. They should just let the house decide naturally.

    It was me who said Jemima has first eviction written all over her and I stand by that. The other females seem to hate her already.

    I'm a bit undecided on the housemates at the moment and really don't see the point of the mother and daughter. Also, does everyone have a secret or is the whole Secrets and Lies theme just based around the rubbish mole?
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  7. SBK


    Thing is if we chose the three who he nominates, it means BB will know who's least popular already and edit to suit themselves over the next week or so.

    I'd much rather we had him doing less stuff that gathers info for the producers and more fucking with their heads.

    I find it odd that so many of the house know (of) each other already. Its like they went to the Groucho club or wandered down Mayfair on Wednesday on a last minute panic looking for housemates.
  8. Yeah, I thought Secret and Lies would be about all the housemates too - a bit like how they relaunched Big Brother in Australia.

    I find it odd too, Seanie. When did the housemates first start knowing/recognising each other (or at the very least admitting it and not lying?), was it Big Brother 7? I remember Grace and Nicky had worked together, and then Aisleyne knew some of the House Next Door due to being in the test house beforehand.
  9. After tonight, I don't think Gina will be there long.

  10. This public nominations thing is confusing me as I assume people will have to vote again once the noms are announced?
  11. SBK


    Makes no sense does it... Big Brother will know who's least popular already, and will expect us to vote for them again... They might as well just ask us to send them a blank cheque...
  12. I like how wise Sallie already is to Michael. She knows what's up.
  13. KAG


    Gina is just brilliant. She reminds me of Deana from last year in the sense that she's not that fussed to be there and the fact that she's pissing everyone off with her presence.
  14. I haven't watched BB in years, and I really like this cast. A lot of hot guys. I thought the twins would be annoying. I like them. The hippy lesbian chick is cool! The deaf guy is hot. Can you tell that I haven't learned all their names yet? lol. It seems like a really big cast. The one that's the model from Ireland is really pretty. It's funny how the other "model" and the "socialite" think they're so attractive.

    The fight seemed so staged.
  15. Sallie is prettier than the Irish one, the Irish one is pretty but sort of bland at the same time.

    What actually happened in the fight between Sallie and Gina? I didn't see that episode. I'm assuming Sallie didn't like Gina's princess attitude which is fair enough, but did Gina actually actively provoke Sallie?
  16. I'm watching the latest episode... Sallie and the sweets is fucking hilarious.

    She went from "I think it's a lie" to "we might get our suitcases back" to "we might get personal photos" to "we might get A PARTY FOR THE WHOLE HOUSE". I love her.
  17. Gina complained about having no make-up wipes, to which Sallie pointed out that half the house didn't even have suitcases.

    The full transcript is here. It was all very petty but very enjoyable.
  18. Gina is my new favourite person ever.

    "Sitting there with your cheap Primark shoes!"
    "You're a skidmark on society!"
    "If you were professional you'd be on Celebrity Big Brother. You're not, you're on this Big Brother!"
    "I know not everyone wants to have my lifestyle, but when she said she had so little money, it made me feel sad in my heart"

    I despise Sallie, though am praying that they can both stay for more entertainment. With any luck, the third person up will be Jemima and it will be Vote To Save...
  19. Gina is so terrible (in the best way of course). She's an utter hypocrite referring to somebody else as a 'skidmark on society', and her getting teary-eyed because Wolfeh lives like most of the population was bloody ridiculous. I hope that being on the show will teach her something and she'll hand out high heels at the local soup kitchen after the show.
  20. Sallie is repulsive.

    How could anyone find THIS attractive:

    I don't dislike her persona so far, but I can tell she's going to get on my nerves soon enough. I can feel it. She'll be tolerable as she's getting to play the victim (and rightfully so) to Gina's horrible personality. Once Gina's out, Sallie is going to become one massive insufferable bitch. She started up again the next morning on Gina about the night before instead of just letting it drop. Right there you know she's going to be trouble. She's looking to fight. What she did with the chocolate also shows she's going to be a big problem in the house. She does what she wants regardless of everyone else's feelings. Had everyone told her not to do it, she would have done it anyway.

    Anyhoo, and male nudity yet? lol

    "I can be your mum." Welcome creepy housemate #2 (after Sam).
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