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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by idratherjack, May 29, 2013.

  1. It will be interesting to see if the public have finally learned not to vote the big characters out now that we are in control of the first eviction.

    I firmly expect Sallie, Gina and Jemima to be up tonight.
  2. That's the result I'm hoping for, though Dexter would be fine too. As long as they haven't weirdly changed the rules and gone back to Vote To Evict, both the 'stars' should be safe for another week.

    I don't mind Gina - yes, she's been pretty horrid, though there are glimmers of Aisleyne in her. You've also got to love someone who did a full series arc (no self-awareness, aggression, formal warning, more fighting, redemption) with plenty of one liners, all in her FIRST DAY. Sallie is a wreck of low self-esteem and sociopathic tendencies.

    Another thing - I read a few comments on other sites about Gina being 'the token black aggressive girl' and stereotypes on the show in general. And all I was thinking was 'isn't she of Asian ethnicity?' I presumed that one or both of her parents is Malaysian/Filipino? Am I a complete fool?

    I am also obsessed with the VT of Jackie dancing that they keep on showing on Bit On The Side. It's like Little Edie from Grey Gardens for the 21st Century. Amazing.

    Finally, I don't mind AJ or Rylan apart (Saturday and Sunday's shows were actually alright). Together they are insufferable. Who goes? You (don't) decide. Surely Iain Lee is going to be drafted in? Michelle Heaton was (suprisingly) ace with him on Saturday's panel...
  3. I can't see AJ lasting the whole series, she is diabolically bad and can barely form a coherent sentence. Did she actually audition?!

    Rylan has been surprisingly good at presenting BOTS though I am very distracted by his teeth! He was very good on the Sunday afternoon show and seemed less nervous.

    I would much rather one of the bores went but that will never happen. I'd rather the twins left than any of the girls.

    I wonder if we are stuck with "the people's puppet" for the whole run. I actually find him one of the most annoying housemates!
  4. KAG


    Michael's "acting" is ruining the show for me.
  5. He is really annoying me. In theory a mole we control to cause chaos should be a good idea but he just isn't the right person for the job.

    I hope they "out" him in some task next week where they all have to line up in the garden and reveal who they think the mole is, probably involving some shit nominations twist, then Michael leaves the house.
  6. I judge prettiness on facial features alone, and I find her face to be far more appealing than the Irish one who I can't even remember looks like what at the moment anyway. As for Sallie's style, I don't see a problem with it. If she likes it, then so what?

    This public choosing nominations thing is the worst idea Big Brother has had since that white room task.

    Also, a mole with Dexter's personality would have been better. A dopey postman with a seemingly kind personality doesn't really give him much to work with in regards to causing havoc, except when Big Brother tells him what to do which will just make him appear out of character to the other housemates and then lead them to question if he is a mole anyway.
  7. SBK


    My biggest worry is that they're going to make him a proper housemate. I'd much rather have it run the whole show than have him win housemate status like they did with Chantelle on Celeb BB.

    At least with Chantelle it was set out from the beginning that she'd become a housemate, he should just leave once he's found out or they run out of ideas.
  8. I completely agree. Then people will start complaining that the show is boring this year.
  9. I thought I was going to completely be into Sallie but I actually really like Gina now, she's so funny and I love what a hold she has over Big Brother, she clearly doesn't want to be there.
  10. I'm torn on these two - at first Sallie was giving me major Aisleyne vibes but now I am starting to wonder if she is more Grace?

    I do find Gina funny and getting a formal warning from Big Brother in the first 5 hours of being in the house is quite an achievement!
  11. Gina is incredible and thus will be out on Friday.
  12. KAG


    Gina accusing Jemina of racism was ridiculous and amazing at the same time.
  13. SBK


    I suspect Gina is the kinda girl who cries racism when anyone dares to enter a debate with her.

    She knew accusing jemima would push the producers buttons...
  14. Oooooh what a surprise, such typical nominations, the public are utter idiots.
  15. KAG


    If Michael was really the 'people's puppet', he would have chosen the LEAST entertaining housemates. I can't stand him!
  16. The public decided the three he should nominate, it wasn't his decision.
  17. I am surprised the producers gave Jemina a warning. You seriously can't say what sort of guy you find attractive anymore just in case the people you don't fancy may get offended? Absolutely ridiculous.
    I want Gina to go especially if they are going 'back to basics'. The original idea of the programme was to evict the people you don't like and the nice level headed person should be the winner.

    Don't get me wrong i love interesting characters like Aisleyne and Makosi but Gina is just rude and grating.

    Also I don't think it will be boring once the loud characters leave, as the editing has all been about Sallie and Gina so far. The quieter characters could be interesting if we got a chance to see them! I am glad it's back to vote to evict this year.
  18. Rubbish result - the public will never learn! I thought it would only have been a hardcore few who voted because apparently it cost a 35p text to nominate these people then you are supposed to pay to vote to evict someone too! No thanks!

    I am a bit annoyed vote to evict is back - I think if this was vote to save Dexter might be going on Friday which would be a BB first to have a man evicted first.

    I kind of hope Sallie goes just to shut her up and give some other people the chance to speak. Gina's ability to start a fight in an empty room is quite something!
  19. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Big Brother always pander to the 'offended' person in these situations. I wish they'd called them both into the diary room and talked about it in an unbiased way. There's a big difference between offensive and a person taking something the wrong way.

    I know it's always been the way the show works, but is there really any point in evicting someone after the first week? There's enough going on to keep us entertained until week two, and as the actor guy is leaving Friday anyway it just seems pointless to have two people leave the house so early on. It would have been better if they'd delayed this whole fake nominations thing for a few days and have him reveal the three that were up as his parting shot.

    Oh don't worry. I know you like to tease.
  20. SBK


    They should have dragged Gina in and warned her for a crying racism at the first available opportunity.
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