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Big Brother 14

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by idratherjack, May 29, 2013.

  1. SBK


    The final weeks have been so shit, I'm not watching anymore. I'll probably just find out who won from digital spy.

    They should have had a big series long secret / lie to reveal this week to justify the 'theme'
  2. Yeah for a show called Secrets and Lies there weren't a lot of either. I would have loved if they had kept some big secret from the viewers all the way through for a real moment in the final though I don't think the producers are that smart. Of course if it is revealed that Dexter or Gina is a secret actor tomorrow I will take this all back!

    For me it was never the same after Dan got evicted in that shit "twist". Like him or hate him he was a big character and big player in this series and didn't deserve that early exit for no good reason. The last week or two have dragged but overall though I'd say it's easily been the best Big Brother on Channel 5.
  3. This is the same for me. Just wasn't the same when Dan went. He shouldn't have gone. The only thing that kept me watching was Gina and Callum then the next week Callum went and I have not watched it since. Tried watching it last Friday and just found it boring. I would still like to know who wins so I am glad for this thread.
  4. It's kind of ruined it these past few weeks as it was turning out to be the best since BB7 until Dan's exit, whom I didn't even particularly like but like Hazel & Callum was essential to keeping the series afloat.
  5. Every time Charlie comes on screen I can feel myself getting a migraine.
  6. Charlie has the same 'revelation' about her life everyday, it's so draining to watch.
  7. I agree, I thought it was heading for legendary BB7 status in the first few weeks which were amazing but after Dan's unfair eviction and then losing Callum (who I couldn't stand!) and Hazel it has been downhill all the way. If only Sam, Sophie and the twins had gone early - the stupid public will never learn...
  8. When does CBB start again? I heard Carol McGiffins going in so I will surely be tuning in for that car crash.
  9. Thursday I think.
  10. KAG


    Speaking of BB7, I never got Pete's appeal. He wasn't all that funny and I hated how all the housemates sucked up to him cause he was favourite.
  11. The only bad thing about BB7 was that Pete was the pre-ordained winner from the moment he fell down the stairs into the house. I remember I convinced myself that Dame Aisleyne could win it and was outraged when bloody Glyn beat her!
  12. Pete was absolutely awful. Played the game as well as Brian Belo.
  13. Luckily his media career post Big Brother didn't pan out too well. That's sorta justice! Aisleyne probably has done the best out all of the BB7 contestants.
  14. Gina's "There's a train to Manchester?" had me howling!

    We needed more of these funny and entertaining moments and conversations between the housemates in the last week or so instead of the tired story arcs and talks of "personal journey".
  15. I went on holiday on 23rd July and I can honestly say that everything since that date has been so incredibly tedious, it's made watching (when I do, that is) so very laborious.
  16. SBK


    Apparently Sam has got drunk and revealed his feelings for Gina....
  17. God, I hate them all now! I don't want the twins to win. That would be a travesty. Sam is the only one I could live with, but he slept through the whole flippin' series! Then there was Dexter giving his Academy Award acceptance speech. Gina has managed to disgust me in the final week. Charlie doesn't even realize she's on "BIg Brother." She has no clue where she is, poor thing. Guess I'm backing Sam.
  18. At the moment this series has averaged as the highest rated C5 series. Get that smash Gina!
  19. And yet it'll be Sam who wins it all. I'm so bothered about that because it always happens! Gina/Dexter deserve to win but won't because they've pissed off too many people. Sam is also considered noble regarding what he'll do with the winnings. Charlie is just dead weight in the house right now - she will be the first to go and by so many votes as well in the final. No one will be voting for her.
  20. Sam has to be one of the most undeserving winner's ever, even worse than Luke A winning last year's.
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