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Big Brother 14

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by idratherjack, May 29, 2013.

  1. The video is hilariously cringy, i knew he liked her weeks ago - it's such a shame the producers didn't show any footage of their relationship.

    Sam will probably win, still rooting for Gina though.
  2. Yup as expected the twins and Sam are the only two to get cheers, flipping audience URGH.
  3. I'm holding on to the fact that there were boos in the mix for the twins too.
  4. I know that they had stylists, but Gina's looking flawless tonight.
  5. So glad the twins are gone. So irritating!
  6. NOOOOO, so frickin predictable, Gina joins the ranks of the 3rd place queen's.
  7. Rage! The best housemates always come third!
  8. Wow third place truly is the winners spot.
  9. The curse of third place for best housemate strikes yet again! Gina will always be the queen of (gay) hearts.
  10. 'Get Right' for her best bits to, only a queen..
  11. Well done Gina for getting so far. Her exit interview was fantastic. She wasn't going to change her opinions just because she was sitting in front of Emma!

    I'd prefer Dexter to win over Sam, but I'm still annoyed at how he treated Callum.
  12. Jackie got such a good reception when she walked out.
  13. Jackie, Dan and Hazel were all unbearable at times while in there but all brilliant housemates looking back.
  14. Amazing.
  15. Haha Aisleyne knows the score! Makosi, Aisleyne and Gina, like a legendary trio.
  16. The second part of the final is pre-recorded, so if anyone posts the winner can you make sure you say SPOILER before please!
  17. SBK


    Dexter can't win...
  19. SBK


    So pleased for Sam.
  20. Well there you go!
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