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Big Brother 14

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by idratherjack, May 29, 2013.

  1. I would kind of love it if Dan started dating Rylan.
  2. That photo of Gina crying outside the Mayfair is fucking amazing.
  3. I'm gutted I didn't think about using it for my profile photo before Seanie did!
  4. That photo of Gina must have been around her break-up with the boyf. Poor gal.
  5. KAG


    Dan and Rylan are together. Can't say that I'm surprised. Dan is thirsty for fame.
  6. I remember Rylan saying he fancied someone on Big Brother but wasn't going to mention who it was because it was unprofessional. It was obvious it was Dan and I was annoyed at the time he said that because Dan had a long term boyfriend.
  7. KAG


    I remember on live feed, Gina asked Dan if he fancied Rylan and he said no and that he's not his type.
  8. [​IMG]
    Oh dear.

    I'm still far more invested in what's going on with this BB lot than anything going on in CBB, I really miss this season in spit of tiring of it at the time.
  9. SBK


    Dan'll do anything to cling onto fame won't he.
  10. Where did that come from??!?!
  11. Apparently the ex hacking into Dan's account and blasting pictures all over twitter. Mess.
  12. Checked his Twitter and apparently Dan never changed his Twitter password. Whoops.
  13. I wonder if Rylan will lose his job over this? Are you allowed to shag housemates? Never stopped Russell Brand I supose...
  14. SBK


    Well he didn't hack it, he set it up and obviously still had the account on his phone and the detective never changed the password.
  15. Thats hilarious and awful! So are they actually together, I just can't picture it myself.
  16. K94


    Your hot ex-boyfriend ditching you for Rylan must be the shittest thing.
  17. It'll probably be shit because Gina is only funny in new situations/with normal people. If they're just filming her in her comfort zone...
  18. SBK


    Watching Gina shop will be shit.

    A Gina goes to work style show would be more interesting... Film her doing shit jobs. Not shopping.
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