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Big Brother 15 UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by _hazzie_, May 23, 2014.

  1. Dame Jazzi P!
  2. K94


    Love Jazzi P!
  3. It says a lot that she's my favourite so far!
  4. Christopher is soooooo pwetty!

    and obviously Jazzi P.
  5. Jazzi P to win!
  6. YES. Why are all the VTs the same? 'Argumentative... Passionate... Ruthless... Powerful... Manipulative.' Eh?
  7. Voted for Jazzi P!
  8. SBK


    The line up is quite offensive. It just annoys me that most of them have already been on several tv shows before.

    Its obvious that these people a pre desperate for fame, and will say/do anything to get on the show. Which is why we get dramatic VTs that amount to nothing because they've achieved their goal of fooling their way in.
  9. OHMYGOD!? THE SHOCKED RAPPER!? What a moment!

    Otherwise, they are all far too young, all far too 'good-looking', all far too 'ruthless and powerful'. I thought they'd put a stop to this last year? I hope the second launch will bring a bit of diversity.
  10. Please give her the power to evict like...half of the housemates right now.
  11. Two Mariah fans haha!
  12. But they don't get an easy time in there, all egos collapse.
  13. Pauline has already won this. Let's all go home.
  14. I think *hopefully* there will be some housemate swapping tomorrow... Swap out some bores.
  15. Yeah, I reckon Pauline has the power to get rid of someone tomorrow.

    I still can't get over it - No retreat and no surrender! Equal to you regardless of gender!
  16. Queen Gina's boobs!
  17. Appalling line up of people. The only one who wasn't vile was Pauline. I'll watch tomorrow just to see who the other 6 are and what the twist is, and then I think 'I'm out' (to quote another business based show, seeing as that's what tonight basically was.)
  18. K94


    Maybe it's people who scored the lowest in the test or something.
  19. I think Matthew (aka Mark-Francis) and the American might be my favourites. Marcus Collins seems insufferable, and Pauline seems fun. Most of the others are a bit nothingy.
  20. Pretty much this, it'd be the first time I'm out so early but it doesn't even feel like a real Big Brother with this line up.
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