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Big Brother 15 UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by _hazzie_, May 23, 2014.

  1. I haven't watched the ordinary BB since around 2006 but Jazzi P is really tempting me.

    I'll be 'shocked' if I don't tune in by the end.
  2. Actually, I like Helen too. She seems a good laugh.
  3. I hope they throw some shit up in the air tonight! So to speak...
  4. SBK


    Last years was so well cast with relatively normal people, this year it seems we're back to fame hungry freaks who'll take the any TV job that says yes to them
  5. KAG


    I found last night's launch so boring. The only housemate I liked was Jazzi P. Everyone else was young, dull and contrived. I watched 'Girlfriends' and 'Shipwrecked' and so I instantly recognized Winston and Mark. I know this show attracts fame hungry wannabes but blatantly casting reality TV rejects is just a new low for Channel 5.

    Hopefully tonight's launch will bring more diverse, older housemates. If not, I'm out!
  6. At the moment, this is basically Big Brother 12 with a theme.
  7. I want Winston in me.

    Don't care about anything else that's happened, what a bloody lame bunch we have.
  8. I actually think I will like Matthew, if he doesn't get evicted. The two evil ones bonding! Love it
  9. Matt is creepy and annoying. I can imagine him having a breakdown if he lasts a couple of weeks.
  10. I'm catching up on the launch episode and Matthew is SO AWKWARD oh my god.
  11. Blonde hair girl has amazing hair... (Wow I'm really not paying attention...)
  12. I am in love with Toya. I'm glad we got a better mix of housemates tonight.
  13. SBK


    Decent twist with the killer nomination. But awful housemates. "Actors" "tv presenter" "models"
  14. Love the twist and Pauline is great but apart from her it's all wasted on these housemates.
  15. At least Toya was somewhat imaginative with her made up occupation. A vlogger? Really? I just checked and all her videos barely have 100/200 views.
  16. Christopher will be nice to look at...

    That's all I have to look forward to.

    Hopefully things get better?
  17. What was the twist? I didn't bother watching earlier, so I thought I'd see if the twist sounded decent before catching up.
  18. I wonder if SuperCassandra will get progressively more cracked out as the series goes on...up until the final where she's mumbling something incoherent lying in a pool of her own vomit. She's my favourite.
  19. SBK


    JazziP selected Helen to have a free pass to the final, and she has to pick one person on Sunday who will be nominated by default every single week. (Until they're evicted/win)
  20. Is the power trip thing not just like BB9?

    The twists they have given JazziP are quite big though.

    And it got its heart tonight. Helen getting a pass to the final was a genuinely lovely moment.
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