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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by _hazzie_, May 23, 2014.

  1. Yeah, it was really nice and quite alien to see a housemate crying and people celebrating like that. I can't remember the last time something like that happened. I don't count the yearly letters from home as some genuine heartfelt moment.
  2. Groups are forming, I can see imminent arguments. Helen is going to be an important housemate I think, now she's untouchable she can be as gobby as she likes.
  3. Jale is insufferable. I hope Pauline picks her for the nomination

    I suspect the awards and punishments dished out by whoever is in power will become negotiable - for instance by week 5 I wouldn't at all be surprised it contestants are given the power to override previous awards such as giving Helens nomination veto to someone else in order to create resentment

    Ash looks more like 36 than 26. There's no devastatingly attractive guys really this year. It's definitely all about power females in this series.
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  4. I'm surprised people don't seem to like this year's housemates. I like that they've tried to fill the house with 16 Ginas and Dexters. The only properly boring housemate from the first launch night is the American one. At least Danielle is already bringing the crazy.
  5. I think I'll enjoy this series, I will always root for the underdog which invariably turns out to be female - Asleiyne, Gina, Makosi, Michelle. Girls with balls. Not sure who the contenders are this year. Already dislike Helen, Pauline, Mark and anyone in that odious clique. Although I think Tamara will be one to watch. I can see her wrapping the boys round her finger with her I'm pretty and blonde with big tits schtick so that might turn into something interesting. Also Toya and Matthew.
  6. This must be the earliest we've had a clear divide in the BB house. The day two people are really being treated as second class citizens.

    Jazzi P is a real letdown and Helen is so hard faced I can't imagine ever warming to her.
  7. I suppose it's very early days but I find these people very hard faced and exceptionally self aware.

    Gina and Dexter may have displayed some of those qualities but they had a warmth to them and were clearly flawed.
  8. Jale and Tamara are easily the two best. I was crying laughing when she was rolling around on the floor with her tits out like a drunk walrus.

    It took me until about 3/4s of the way through the show last night to remember that Ashleigh is a housemate.
  9. I love Toya, 'gets under my weave'. She seems like a lot of fun.
  10. Did this rolling the eye thing actually even happen? Can they all please just get the fuck over it.

    I can't see a single thing that Jale has done wrong, and they've all just decided they hate her!
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  11. Feel bad for Jale too, not really sure what the problem is. Gone off Pauline a tad. Others even admitted they had taken more soup than she did!?!

    Eye rolling is clearly an issue in this house.
  12. KAG


    We're only 4 or 5 episodes into this series and there's already groups forming, bitching, and drama. I LOVE it!

    I actually like Jale. She has her flaws but she's more 'real life' than the others. I felt really bad when it was revealed that she was going up for eviction every week.

    Jazzi P is vile. She's a hybrid of Julie Goodyear and Carol BB8.
  13. SBK


    Yeah I feel like they've all decided not to like Jale and have been embellishing things she's done.

    The whole forgetting her name thing annoys me too. It's two fucking syllables. How ignorant do you have to be to forget them? All you do is talk about her, yet in the diary room you're all "jalla, jail, jell" grow up.

    Killer nomination was wasted too, cause she won't last long anyway. Also just kicked off on the live feed with Dannielle.
  14. Wow it's all kicking off, I knew it would but not so soon. Glad Helen is forever immune giving it to Danielle. This will completely overshadow Jale too, if she plays it right she could easily dodge eviction.
  15. SBK


    JazziP dishing out some truth tea!

    "you all watched the show before, you know how it's played"
  16. Yeah not on about her name either, if she was foreign too can you imagine? I actually think the killer nomination could be detrimental to the other housemates. There will be no point nominating Jale now meaning those nominations could end up putting up other housemates who would otherwise just miss out.
  17. So Danielle apparently called Helen a slag and Helen called her a morbid faced ugly bitch? All behind one another's backs of course. I hate how that one guy flutters in between the two groups protesting "I'm not getting involved! This is so horrible!". He's annoying.
  18. I seriously hope Tamara goes, she had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I know Danielle doesn't agree with gay marriage but I actually quite like her. I also feel sorry for Jale.

    If Jazzy P is anything like Julie Goodyear then I'm happy for it, but if she ends up like Carole then she can do one quickly.
  19. They've all decided to dislike Jale because Pauline bitched about her vt, no other reason. I really like Jale too and Danielle isn't actually that bad. Pauline and Helen are just pure venomous and I hope to god the public see that. Toya is my favourite so far and I quite like Christopher too. Mark, Winston and Tamara are just irritating the others I don't have much of an opinion of yet.
  20. Cannot stand Danielle at all - she's such a hypocrite! I'm not sure how I feel about Jale but I think she handled finding out last night really well.

    Pauline is starting to let me down - I fear she has a holier-than-thou attitude. I would quite like Toya or Matthew to get the Power this week.
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