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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by _hazzie_, May 23, 2014.

  1. SBK



    If she wasn't British they'd be pulled in and warned for being racially ignorant. Dickeheads. Its so annoying, its not that heard to remember. They talk about her all the bloody time.

    Yeah, Big Brother needs to expose this.

    Same with Chris too, they all decided they didn't like him because of what Pauline fed back about his VT.

    I hope the next power housemate feeds back some info about their VTs. Pauline has had such an agenda protecting some of her originals at the expense of the second group.

    Basically, all the housemates are vile human beings who would climb over each others dead bodies not to be evicted.
  2. I'd love for Jale, Matthew or Toya to be the next power housemate. If not give the power to Ashleigh and give her some time to become interesting.
  3. I'm surprised Helen hasn't been taken to the diary room. She's really going in.
  4. I'm loving this power trip theme, it really has shaken the house up from the word go! I can't wait to see how the house dynamic changes with a new power housemate. But I don't want it to be someone obvious like Jale, I'd love to see it break one of the more happy-go-lucky housemates, like Winston. It's a curse whoever gets it.
  5. I really need to do some catching up.
  6. Helen absolutely going IN on Danielle has been absolutely brilliant to watch, she has me in hysterics! Danielle is an absolutely vile woman. I take it we've all seen her homophobic tweets from before the show started?

    ^ This one offends me both as a gay man and a Welsh man!

    Her denying she ever made the 'slag' comment was just ridiculous, she said it within earshot of at least 3 people, even Kimberley said she'd heard her say and she still denied it! Helen shouldn't have made it so personal (as entertaining as it was) but Danielle said what she said, was telling everyone "I'm gonna tell 'em if I leave" and then denied it all and got upset afterwards because Helen tried to call her on it?! Helen even tried to handle it a bit more discreetly, asking her to go one side and when she asked about the comment Danielle was the one to blow up.

    Saying all that, I hope she doesn't go, she's far to important to the house dynamic!
  7. SBK


    Her aggression is shocking.

    JazziP has created a monster there, I think she's coasting to the final and doesn't give a shit about it. I'm no danielle fan either, but Helen's tirade against her is just scary.

    Its funny how they all love Jale now. Didn't have any issues remembering her name once they realised she's not the cunt they all assumed she was. Its a shame she'll be up every week now and probably gone within 2/3 weeks.
  8. KAG


    Jale's sexy dancing in last night's episode had me in stitches. I don't get the hate, I think she's alright. She's the only housemate in there that I actually like at the moment. Everyone else is annoying.
  9. Oh wow, those tweets from Danielle are disgusting. I'm surprised because she seemed to be getting on well with the gay housemates.

    I think a lot of hate towards Jale also had something to do with her looks, not just what JazziP saw on her VT.
  10. KAG


    That's a good point. I also remember Tamera or Helen saying that Jale sounded thick, which was very unfair.
  11. SBK


    I'm surprised how much Helen is getting away with.

    I thought any thing race/religion based had producers shitting themselves, so for them not to react to her telling Danielle to "stop shagging jesus you fucking twat" is surprising.

    Much like with the whole congratulating of each other not being able to pronounce Jale, I do wonder if she wasn't British how they'd react to it.
  12. I'm going to be watching this for Pauline's eventual downfall. She's positioned herself as the untouchable house matriarch in such a forward, ruthless way and has seemingly encouraged ill feeling on a house-wide scale towards those who she deemed unworthy from the very beginning. She's in a very powerful position right now but surely she can't sustain it?

    Helen is just...ugh. The classic Big Brother gobby hag, positioning herself as this like opinionated survivor figure when in reality she has nothing to say for herself that's of any substance. She'll be important for Pauline and her claim on house supremacy, though I can't imagine that Helen doesn't fancy herself as somewhat of a potential queen bee too...

    Danielle is amazing. A wreck. But amazing. She's not built to last (and I'd assume she'll be out this week) but her blatant, upfront insanity should provide entertainment for the week at least. I don't find Jale to be particularly likeable but I'm naturally inclined towards the underdog and I'd like to see her get her shit together and put it up to Pauline as the weeks progress. In terms of who I want out this week - it has to be Tamara. I initially liked her - she seemed a bit more playful, a bit sparkier than most if the other girls in there - but I've noticed a mean streak emerge that's completely free of the kind of wit that let's me excuse meanness in someone. And I literally can't sit and watch a cripplingly vacuous, sexless begin to "flourish" between she and that interminable sack of shit Winston. I CAN'T. So Tamara to go please.

    My early favourite is Kimberly. She's gorgeous and measured and smart and I'd guess rather strong too. I'm expecting good this from her, I just worry there's not much for her to work with in there. I mean the "lads" - Ash, Steven, Winston - are ghastly and, worse still, boring. Danielle is, as already mentioned, a lunatic and will drag her down. Ashleigh is adorable but drippy (thus far, at least. I'm hoping she warms up as we progress). Helen and her gay Scouse bf are just thick and repugnant. Ooh actually, I quite like Toya. So far, she's one of the more likeable housemates. Matthew and Christopher could go either way.
  13. I was talking to one of the members of this forum in private about Big Brother yesterday and how I really dislike Tamara. I'm not sure if 'ring leader' is the right term to use, but she seems to instigate trouble and let other people like Helen do the blasting.
  14. The Jesus comment made me gasp in amazement, totally awful, I'm amazed that she even went there! I was verging on feeling bad for Danielle but after reading those disgusting tweets Helen can say what she wants about her.

    Danielle is just... Confusing. Like on bit on the side they were talking about some less than holy 'modelling' pictures of her and she swears like a maniac but yet she thinks she's this perfect catholic? She's totally toned down her awful opinions in there too. Ergh!
  15. I feel like Danielle exploits her faith and belief in Biblical teachings to validate the plethora of prejudices she holds.

    By the way, do the housemates know Helen fucked a married man for dollah?
  16. It's so weird how Matthew has managed to ingratiate himself with the ""cool""" group.
  17. I find all of the shit tasks they make them do these days totally draining.

    I realise they have to fill the hour but still.
  18. I can't believe they used the shock suits AGAIN. So overdone.
  19. SBK


    And the eat shit tasks.

    We're getting the obstacle course today.
  20. Hopefully getting them out of the way early on... I long for the days of secret rooms and hidden things, they were so fun to watch.
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