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Big Brother 15 UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by _hazzie_, May 23, 2014.

  1. We've rewarded an absolute cunt. Well fucking done, UK.
  2. Helen really doesn't deserve to win.
  3. I'm stunned. Seriously stunned.
  4. Emma better grill her (Helen) and show her how horrible she has been.
  5. Had a horrible feeling all evening, what a mess!!
  6. Yep, just as I thought. Guess they had to cover her fee for not getting her into CBB.
  7. I hope there's an absolutely horrendous montage of all her arguments and rants.
  8. I hope she doesn't get an easy ride in her interview.

    Has the villain ever won?
  9. I can't make any sense of what you just said.
  10. Well done BB Editors.
  11. K94


    This disgusts me more than when Aaron won - at least he wasn't a malicious piece of trash.
  12. SBK


    I just don't understand it. Are voting numbers that low that digitalspy can sway the votes?

    Helen has been entertaining, and kinda saw the errors of her ways in the end (how genuine though... Time will tell) ...but I just cannot get over her early weeks. The systematic way she'd create situations purposefully to make Jale feel uncomfortable. She was just evil.
  13. 1.2%?! Fuck's sake.
  14. I don't mind Helen 'winning' per se, but I do mind her being rewarded with £100,000 for her behaviour.
  15. K94


    I'm ready for Hurricane Toya on BBBOTS - destroy her!
  16. It wasn't digitalspy it was Facebook and twitter what did it it.
  17. The UK have just given an absolute knob head £100,000. I despair.

    Oh well a few weeks ago I was happy that Ashleigh'd possibly get top 3 so whatever.
  18. She was supposed to be in Celebrity Big Brother but for some reason it didn't happen, so she ended up in civi BB. I'm sure the fee for CBB contestants is around hundred grand. Free pass to final and winning place, hundred grand, no issues.
  19. Helen wouldn't even have been given £20,000 for CBB.
  20. I haven't watched at all since Toya was evicted, but Helen. My god.

    I've had my eye on the betting odds throughout though and this has to be the most times they've been wrong on the favourite to go/win. I guess they've been overestimating the British public haha.
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