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Big Brother 15 UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by _hazzie_, May 23, 2014.

  1. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    What a mess. The wheels fell off this series a few weeks ago and I knew it'd be a shit final. None of them deserved to have made it that far.
  2. I saw someone on digitalhell claimed to have spent 770 pounds on Helen last night, seriously lock them up in an asylum! Madness!
  3. I like to stick to my conspiracy theories, it helps me sleep at night. The thought that people actually did part with money to support that twisted individual makes me incredibly uncomfortable.
  4. K94


    Helen probably even knows Richard Desmond personally. There's no way that this was a natural victory.
  5. It's become obvious this series that the current set of producers aren't fans of Big Brother. They don't seem to understand what makes it worth watching
  6. Well she has a son, so hopefully she won't spend the 100k on shoes.
  7. KAG


    Imagine having Helen as your mum...
  8. My mum has flown off the handle like Helen a few times to people that have upset her, but she'd never fly off the handle to me or my family ever. I presume Helen is like this also.
  9. Being short tempeted is one thing, being vindictive and nasty is another thing altogether. She was most definitely the latter. Would like to think now its all over we'll never have to she or hear from her again but got the feeling this isn't the last we'll see of her.
  10. I think Steven is going to be BOTS fodder for years to come, which devastates me.

    So it looks as though its not budging from Channel 5... I hope Emma stays. She seemed a bit disillusioned by it this year.
  11. I liked the ending of BOTS with them all together but I'm sure we'll see some backstabbing headlines pretty sure.
  12. What a joke that housemates like Deana, Gina, Makosi and Aisleyne got third place and didn't win, but Helen managed it?

    I wouldn't be surprised if Steven spent a load of money to ensure her win.
  13. Disgusting winner for a rather annoying series.
  14. It started off great but ended up as being one of the worst series ever.
  15. Still better than the first two Channel 5s.

    I forgot to say that Ashleigh looked angelic on Friday. I miss her already.
  16. I agree. I watched all of BB13 and a lot of people have said this year was similar to that but a reversal in terms of who actually won. I want them to keep up the themed Big Brother, but fully commit to that theme and have more of a mix of housemates like BB14 did.
  17. K94


    The casting for this series was Channel 5 was by far the best. I think the IQ test was a good idea although it seems like some probably slipped through the net.
  18. Helen is being vile on twitter as expected.
    I can't get how people stan for her like what did they watch? Do they just like her aggressive character or what?

    I don't get it at all. Helen vs Toya, Matthew & Danielle is so stupid as well. They're behaving like 12 year olds.
  19. I just love that Ashleigh doesn't seem to be involved in the bitterness at all. Remarkably mature for her youth.
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