Big Brother Canada (S12)

I’m so, so happy. Bayleigh absolutely slayed the season and makes for an incredibly satisfying winner. The way I leapt up my seat when he evicted Lexus!

I think Anthony was scared of the Hot Chocolate/vote for a black female winner. I low key think Lexus might’ve won against him, to be honest, but it would’ve been closer than it was with Bayleigh for sure.

Honestly, we went through it with Anthony this season, but it made his loss all the sweeter. Bye!

God, even after the show he couldn't stop giving awful answers! Continuing to blame everyone else and act like he somehow unfairly never had a chance.

I'm not sure Vic, Avery, or Kayla would have voted for Lexus. Bayleigh and Todd likely would have gone for Anthony, too. But I think a lot comes down to those jury questions and final speeches. And Anthony just wasn't strong there.

I'm also screaming at all the past Houseguests being absolutely bewildered by his choice.

Whew, what really sealed the night for me was Bayleigh's speech about being the queen piece on the chess board. Iconic!

Overall, a satisfying end to a perilous season. This outcome doesn't completely avail what was objectively a bottom-tier season. We had to contend with season-long narratives of race and gender whilst at the same time enduring the inflated egos of Anthony and Victoria, the comparatively meek beta-males of the season in Todd, Elijah, Tola and to an extent Vivek, and the easily influenced coattail riding women Lexus, Kayllah and Avery.

This season failed on multiple fronts but thankfully there is a back catalog of good to great seasons we (and hopefully casting/production) can look back on as a model for what this show can be if the right conditions coalesce.
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What did people not like about this season? I thought the casting was top tier with almost every character delivering something worthy, especially compared to last season. The Movie Night Massacre was a definitely a highlight for me, even though the result was a bit boring and predictable.

I dunno, in my mind these last two seasons sort of stand alone compared to the live feed glory days and I thought this season was miles more successful than last.
What did people not like about this season?
Definitely the fact that Spicy and Anthony were given a huge upper-leg at the start of the season that helped them steamroll their way through it, only made worst by the fact that they were both absolutely insufferable about it. That being said, Bayleigh actively leveraging relationships with both of them and transforming that into a win does soften the blow pretty significantly, for me.