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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. SBK


    I don't get why channel 5 release so much info so early. Part of the suspense was WHOS GOING IN???

    Big brother 3 was amazing, channel four had 5 second break bumpers all day of the launch with silhouettes and a fact about the housemates.
  2. All the housemates seem fucking insufferable this year.
  3. Here for the 50 year old who auditioned for X Factor.
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  4. SBK


    They do look like typical reality wannabes.

    Same old shit.
  5. Twins again. WHY.
  6. I was never a Samantha and Amanda fan and really didn't like those twin boys from a few years back but these two look posh and privileged so hopefully they'll be entertaining in the Big Brother environment.

    I'm hoping this scream queen/X Factor auditionee lasts a good stretch in the house and doesn't get pushed out.
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  7. I agree. These housemates would fit very well in Celebrity Big Brother when most celebrities who go on there are either z-listers, hasbeens or just Instagram/Social Media celebrities.
  8. Was scrolling through the housemates and was shocked to see Aaron Frew going in. I actually wanted to work in the store that he managed in London whilst I was there. Interesting.
  9. According to their bios, most of them claim to have dated reality TV stars or been an extra on/auditioned for other reality shows. Usual bunch of wannabes, then. Yawn!
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  10. I agree.. the first two series on C5 were crap but the last two series have at least been as good as the second half of Channel 4 era. There's a lot of negativity on some BB forums, mostly due to lack of live feed (I find an hour a day is enough of a commitment personally), but it's still a great show IMO.
  11. Now Channel 5 is under the same control as Geordie Shore and Ex on the Beach, I can't say I'm surprised.

    Bring back Hurricane Toya and let her have a proper go at it.
  12. No, thanks. I lived for Toya during launch night, but she quickly proved herself to be a right fanny. Ashleigh was everything I needed and more last year. Such a stirrer!
  13. The Hurricane Toya rant in the diary room was amazing, then... nothing, swiftly followed by eviction.
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  14. Oh, is he that guy? I've seen that before because I know a drag queen in London who has dealt with him before. Didn't realise it was the same guy. He sounds like a right knob. Hope he leaves sharpish.
  15. SBK


    I was thinking about this on my commute this morning and wondering whether this is the level of applicant they get now.

    I wonder how many """normal""" people apply?

    Is it a case of them picking the best of a bad bunch? Or are they deliberately not picking "normal" contestants for because they want conflict and sex.

    Its annoying and sad when I think about watching the first two big brothers. They were so organic and un-sensational, but so entertaining.

    Lets be honest. The live feed is as dull as fuck.

    It was great back in BB2 having it on the internet and on OnDigital. But it was such a novelty. I can't remember it ever being entertaining.
  16. I wonder how many actually applied and how many were scouted, also. I'd guess it's the latter, given how many have "connections" to reality TV or showbiz in some manner, however small.
  17. I actually thought Hurricane Toya really delivered. There was also something about the way that she transmitted her power to Ashleigh before she was evicted.
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  18. I despise this one already.
  19. Are they hinting that they might evict someone tonight? What's the point?
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