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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Do you think Rylan will go back in? Apparently many do. At least for an episode.
  2. Wait at how easy it is to lip-read this GIF

    "Shut your fucking mouth I've had enough of your..." ??
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  3. When the party's lit but you hate everyone


    When the group chat's popping off but you're trying to sleep


    When your friend's talking about what happened in their dream but you weren't in it


    When you're doubting your commitment to Xenu

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  4. I think he hinted at it last night on the after show, Emma said if he goes back in she wants to take over the hosting of his show, I bet he will go in for a task or something to do with Speidi.
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  5. I watched like 5 minutes of the live feed and all I gathered was Nicola had way too much makeup on and Speidi had upset Stacey.
  6. I can see Angie becoming Jayne 2.0.
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  7. I think Rylan will definitely go in for a task, anything to ram him down our throats.
    Not like that you slags.
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  9. thanks but painful
  10. I keep thinking about this and laughing to myself.
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  12. Ray J was "chatting" with Stacy and that's what prompted the "altercation" between her and Whitney.

    Whitney used the phrase "I am a cougar" during the argument. Only a queen.

    That's what Google and Daily Mail Online told me
  13. Yes 1000 times!!!!!

    I forgave Jade quickly, Jo eventually and Danielle never (their "punishment" was the exact reverse of their crime - except Jo as she was second in both cases and that's good maths I suppose)
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  14. Who the fuck do you think was voting for Darren Day!!!!???
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  15. Oh my at Narinder from BB4 BB2 THANK YOU @RoffleMayo stepping up to defend Brian Dowling:

    "Nicola McLean needs to stfu about Brian Dowling...she's the only contestant TO DATE that's done the shown for FREE she was that desperate"
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  16. I don't like the idea of the all-star/new housemates. Should have kept it as one or the other. Also, some of the choices for all-stars are crap. I want Katie Hopkins, Perez Hilton, Farrah Abraham, Tiffany Pollard...who the fuck cares about Calum Best or Colleen Nolan?
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  17. BB2! And you call yourself a fan...
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  18. This isn't really an All Stars series to me. There's potential for it to be good but we'll see. All Stars for me would have to include The GC & Tiffany. The Queens of Celebrity Big Brother basically.
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  19. Get Brandon out!
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