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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. They all nominated him for wanting to leave so I hope and pray to Xenu that you're wrong.
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  2. I can see it now, James of Thrones, the most boring housemate in there, will be given eternal immunity thereby assisting his obvious win even further, while his mute ass will put up the most entertaining housemate in there for eternal nomination.

    For once, just once, can we have this show actually go our way?

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  4. I've just watched clips of all the channel 4 series and man I miss the days when Big Brother didn't interfere and manipulate every interaction in the house and they put people like Emma BB5 and Alex BB3 in. Legends.

  5. Stacy v Jessica Round 2 (Tomorrow night)

  6. Stacy's starting to do my head in.
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  7. Okay so I've listened to Body Language for the first time and I'm shook to the core.

    What kind of ANTHEM.
  8. Um.
  9. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    As much as I love the drama, they do need to bring the show back to its roots somewhat because we're missing those cute character moments. Big Brother has become such an arduous ordeal that people would like to see a colossal bore win, just for "surviving" it.
  10. Take me to The Ivy, Kim!
  11. I was thinking about this last night, the show is SO different to the channel 4 days. It barely shows the real life moments between the people in favour of showing task heavy episodes.
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  12. My Parade is the best Heidi bop
  13. I think they're trying to keep Kim in a bit longer with this new nomination twist. Which I approve of completely.
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  14. @NecessaryVoodoo when dialogue from the show slots right into our Popjustice lingo

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  15. Unfortunately I think considering the hyper reality we live in now, most of the general public have just become desensitised to these quieter moments. Whereby channel 5 are scared that any episode not filled with someone calling the other a cunt will bore people off. I mean when a reality show on the other channel arranges dates based on the shape of someone's vagina, Channel 5 have got nowhere else to go. I agree though, I'd love for the show to go back to basics.
  16. Channel 5 don't have the range for any quiet moments to be good. The non-shit stirring tasks are shit, the housemate casting (for the non-celeb version in particular, but even look at the "All stars" they took on this year and some of the newbies) is suspect, and they very frequently don't get the tone right as Big Brother in their interactions with the housemates.

    The show has become way more entertaining by just embracing its status as a drama/trash-fest with as much shit stirring and knife twisting as possible.
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  17. Well we didn't lose Stacy, Austin and Jasmine got thrown out, Kim Woodburn evicerated everyone and James J left over Jedward so we've had it too good for too long.

    It'll go tits up any moment now.

    After last nights show I take back what I said about Kim leaving she needs to stay along with Jedward otherwise we will have to endure endless Jamie, Bonka, Chloe, Calum and Jessica showmances.
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  18. The best Heidi bop won't happen until she gets Kim for a remix...

    They say I'm superficial
    Some call me a bitch...

  19. Heidi's piece de resistance is I'll Do It.
  20. RJF


    Oh, Tribal. Not another thing that was so much better back in the day.
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