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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. That Simon's going to fuck things up isn't he?
  2. SBK


    Why are they all shouting Joel's name at him before he's even come down the stairs. Why do they know each other?

    It feels like they've cast this show like its a regular show and briefed everyone on their housemates before to coach them on potential stories...
  3. SBK


  4. Simon is every young gay's most terrifying vision of the future. if he shouts SHOWBIZ one more time...
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  5. This white middle class """"rapper"""". I can't.

    I've never hated every single housemate on launch night before and I'm kind of here for it. I hope they torture them in there.
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  6. The first girls done it with a few of the new entrances. It seems unlikely she could see the name badges from the bottom of the stairs. It in fact seems unlikely she can even read.

    Here for so many unlikeable people.
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  7. Theyve met at the auditions, no?

    i never watch the regular series anymore. Can someone fill me in on this Timebomb thing?
  8. Pieface will either win or just be Jack & Joe 2.0
  9. I loved the pastors daughter but only because she seemed completely mental. Still hate everyone else.
  10. Wow they've really gone for the younger ones this year haven't they...
  11. SBK


    Simon being 89 drags the average age up.

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  12. Eileen, please stay away from Showbiz. I don't want another Dolly and Dicky.
  13. Evicted straight away! HA. That's show business!
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  14. That was absolutely pointless.
  15. Thank god Simon's gone! I couldn't have stood him for however many weeks this series is!
  16. I am so happy Simon got the eviction. He was highly annoying.

    The look on his face was priceless. Showbiz!
  17. I really hope this was set up by people in the crew who have all heard or experienced Simons bullshit, and he has been royally stitched up, deservedly so...
  18. That twist couldn't have gone any better. Thank god hr was insufferable.
  19. Too many variables. They couldn't have known he'd pick that timebomb, or that him and Adjoa wouldn't switch. Still, just deserts.
  20. Bleh, I'm OK with that 'peace to my Lord' guy getting immunity if the pay off is that man going straight away.
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