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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. I'm so proud of the british publique!
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  2. Clearly the thread was overjoyed that Cowabunga made it through eviction!
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  3. I haven't really watched this series but I wanted to see why people were talking about Kim, but this is amazing
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  4. I feel like only Speidi are capable of such things.
  5. Just caught up on last nights episode and god, everything I thought was going to happen.. didn't happen!

    I thought the person who'd get the most votes would be Chloe... It was Coleen
    I thought the person leaving tonight would be Kim... It was Chloe (thank god)
    I thought Calum was going to win the eternal immunity... It was James C (and Calum got no votes!)
    I thought James C was going to pick Kim for the eternal nominations... It was Speidi

    I'm very happy as I couldn't do with Kim going so soon.

    The thing that bugs me about the show is why it's classed as a bad thing if you want to win. Why is that? What on earth is the problem with wanting to win something?
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  6. I think in the UK version wanting to win is associated with game playing which is generally disliked over 'being yourself'.
  7. If the Bonka/Jamie showmance was a body part it would be Calum's inverted ass.
  8. Jessica is so similar to Helen Wood in so many ways. The only difference is one of them is good and one of them is evil.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. Don't know if it's been mentioned but there's a new poll for most judgemental housemate:

    Apparently something happens to whoever wins.

    Let's vote Colleen for her judgemental views on gay people!
  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I won't be able to watch today because I'll be at Disney World.
  12. I love Big Brother's total uselessness during ADULTERER gate.

    "Kim should go to the diary room immediately!"
    "Kim should go to the snug and housemates should settle down!"
    "Jamie should stay in the bedrooom and not leave!"
    "Someone please listen to Big Brother!"
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  13. It won't work. She was the most popular housemate in last night's live vote. She has that now. It'll shield her from the truth!
  14. Not too late to cancel.

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  15. Highlight of the episode:
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  16. Is there anything in that, or is she just eating a bland slice of white bread on its own again??
  17. She likes it raw. Unintentional queen of the gays once again.
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  18. I voted for her. I really hope her having the most votes was due to it being a last minute vote thing.... last night was a bit shit really but at least Kim's still in.
  19. She is honestly so cute.
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  20. It's chicken liver.
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