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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Cackling. Amazing that it happened to him of all people!
  2. His ego was bound to make him run like a pussycat to the front and centre podium, but agreed, probably just karma....
  3. It's the launch night twist that has just been waiting to happen. I thought it was going to happen with Power Trip last year, but it's good that it's finally happened. We've probably just lost a whole Perez-shaped load of drama though.
  4. Simon was Louie Spence terrible, glad he's gone. Looks like a promising line up to me.

    Queen Gina on Bots!
  5. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    That twist couldn't have gone any better at this stage. Simon would have been unbearable.

    Katie Price is currently creating a vortex of boring on BOTS but thank goodness for Gina.
  6. SBK


    Brilliant twist. Great final two, both annoying and insufferable. SHOWBIZZZZZZZ

    Helen is on Bit on the side.... She's had work done.
  7. I bet the producers HATE that Simon has gone but they've packed the house with so many egomaniacs and attention whores that it probably won't matter. There's bound to be drama.
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  8. The most irrelevant housemate ever. Amazing moment.
  9. Pie Face is a Wolfy/Jack & Joe hyrbid. And I'm not just saying that because he's large.
    Harriet was an absolute ball. What a human being.
    I really, really like Joel. Bless him.
    Cannot FATHOM that Cristian is younger than me? Whhhhaaaattttt??
    I really though Aaron would be a cock so I'm pleased that he actually seems very nice.

    On the whole, I'm actually aghast that I like most of them. Compare it to last year's launch night when it was conyeor belt of duplicate Apprentice contestants, I thought it was a nice mix.
  10. I hated pretty much every single one of them going in. A bunch of Ex on the Beach rejects who have probably applied for every single reality show there is with the exception of maybe two or three.
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  11. Insufferable. I know he's probably nothing like that in real life and it's some sort of bizarre coping mechanism but, really?
  12. I'm loving all the super hot and potentially bitchy young women, I think this series could be great.
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  13. Let's not pretend that 'super-bitch' Sarah won't be anything other than a perfectly pleasant young woman and Nick will go on the biggest "journey" of discovery.
  14. Perfect outcome!
  15. I didn't like a single one of them going in. I might give it an episode or two to see if anyone goes up in my estimations, but I really don't think I'll be watching this series.
  16. I really like the line-up actually. I think Adjoa is my early favourite.

    Someone fill me in on the 'abused by Simon' thing please.
  17. I usually abhor the first few days. All they seem to do is flirt and talk about sex. But then my favourite thing about the show is that after the first week, any of that discussion is thrown out of the window and the bitching and fighting and the journeyz really begin.

    I'm still surprised by how this cast seems to have clicked with me.
  18. I have to say I was living for the shade that Simon threw at Helen on BOTS.

    "Oh my god, Katie Price you look gorgeous! And Michelle Visage!...and Eamon Holmes!!!...and, hello there."
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  19. I'm delighted Simon's been ousted. Even watching the live feed and not having to watch him mincing around shouting 'Showbiz, darling!' is just really refreshing already.

    I think the line-up has a lot of potential. I feel as though it's a lot more balanced than last year's bunch already in the sense that I can't see where the obvious cliques are, the first arguments, the leader of the house, the popular person, the hated person, etc. I feel like that all revealed itself within the first 24 hours last year.
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  20. I actually thought that Helen and Pauline were two of the most likeable housemates during the launch last year.
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