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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Dapper disapproves of calling a rancid old bigot the C word, but he's happy to joke about raping women?

    Fuck off you piece of shit prick.
  2. Play it back to the house.

  3. Courtney... stop babysitting him

  4. The overreaction to the use of the “C-Word” in the U.K. still amuses me.
  5. BTG


    So Ann is allowed to be bigoted, ignorant, homophobic but it's okay because she's old?

    But Andrew calls her a cunt and he's out of line? Perhaps but it doesn't excuse Ann's behaviour.

    And let's not even GET INTO Jonny's mask slipping and talking about his disgust at "letting a woman beat ya".
  6. ''Can you imagine if she heard that, how crushed she'd be?''

    Hopefully Bertha finds a way to incorporate it into a task tomorrow

  7. Andrew with the only accurate Ann take out of everyone in the house. What's wrong with them?
  8. As much as I stan Courtney, a part of me hopes she does go tomorrow so I can be done with this series. It's not good for my mental health watching Ann being a disgusting old piece of shit every night and get away with it simply for being old.
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  9. I actually cannot describe how profusely I dislike Ann. The worst part is seeing people Tweet saying how 'hilarious' her reactions are. Like others have said if Courtney goes tomorrow, I'm done. I can just see Ann winning and her hatefulness being championed.
  10. TM


    Ugh, I want both Courtney and Andrew to stay.
  11. Bianca Del Rio is on BOTS tonight???
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  12. Lets see what kind of wig they put the GC in.
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  13. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

  14. The fact were losing Shane and/or Andrew is a bit of a fucking joke. They need to work out a twist to at least save one of them on Friday.

    Everything Andrew said was on point, but the way he said it was . . . Pretty much what I've been shouting at the tv every night since the show started and when she was on strictly so I can't really condemn him.
  15. It's like a punch to the gut hearing that Shandrew is going to be broken up tomorrow. I knew it was going to happen next week regardless but still. If they wanted a woman to win "Year of the Woman" so badly, then maybe try only having women?
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  16. Oh wait did they ever say that all 3 evictions in the triple eviction would solely be based on viewer votes? Because maybe they could do one eviction based on phone votes and then send it back to the house for the second and third ones (start from scratch)??

    Giving me Austin "I wasn't evicted, but then I get evicted immediately when the new people get in" vapors. I'M DESPERATE HERE PEOPLE
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  17. Courtney is saved! No one's gonna dare argue with Bianca

  18. Get that secret room set up for Shandrew! *this is channel 5 straw clutching*
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  19. I just loved Dapper "rape jokes" Laughs was clutching his pearls and trying desperately to distance himself from Cuntgate. What an absolute mess this is.
  20. Courtney and Andrew in the secret snug with 24hour surveillance of the house complete with headphones, snacks, a 3/4 bed and a copious amount of alcohol so all my dreams can come true
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