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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. When a hunty comes out with allegations against Rolando I'll start to take the accusations seriously.

  2. Totally missed this but mess
  3. I'm rewatching the Kim This Morning interview and Philip was just so nasty.

    I still laugh at Kim going "she's a horrible person" after Philip says "I think Coleen is a nice person"


    The GREATEST moment in the history of reality television.

    Yes, I am rewatching the entire episode in tribute.

    I suggest you do the same.

    The posts from this episode start here if you want to follow along with the thread.​
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  5. Whew this is a rollercoaster. Kristina is trash, the way she starts clutching her face and saying she feels unsafe and can't stay in the same room as her. And Angie cowering under a coat when Tiffany goes towards her. Weird that Jeremy McConnell is one of the reasonable people.
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  6. Page 342 is basically everyone posting the same words over and over.
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  7. I mean really Big Brother should have called Tiffany to the diary room straight away and explained to her what had actually happened but then it wouldn't have been the iconic episode that it was.
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  8. I'm not British so I never watched BB UK/CBB UK but somehow this popped on my YouTube recommendations:

    And 90 minutes later:

  9. He's evil.
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  10. The Channel 5 Big Brother page being used to advertise The Bachelor is all kinds of wrong.
  11. Was in Barclays in Edinburgh today to set up an account and at the desk was Dennis from BB9. Iconic.
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  12. I assume you spat on him for good measure?
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  13. OK I know we stopped caring (or in some cases never started) but
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  14. There is nothing iconic about that vile creature.
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  15. Dddd completely true. I'd totally forgot about his run on the show until @WowWowWowWow posted that. Awful. (I'm now down a BB9 rabbit hole on Youtube, what a weird season that was.)
  16. Oh really @gagapourgaga ?? This is three months, do you know what I mean? Three months in a house. Everyone's got to come outside the house. Personal offence is never forgotten, do you know what I mean? We're just inside the house. I've got a very, very, very, very, very strong team outside the house, strong, so solid, strong. I look forward to whatever the result. If I get out first, I get out, make the plans. Everyone's got to come out after that. Every single one of you come out afterwards, remember I told you. Like I say, my team is strong, so strong. I just can't wait to see my man and them and see what their plans are, who they got...I'm not talking about those mans, I'm talking about my gangster friends. They got some instructions to follow out. If you go, you get to make all the plans that you wanna make. When you're in here you can't do certain things. In my life I'm used to doing certain things. You know people piss me off and I do something, like. I can't actually do that while I'm here. But like I say, I get to go out, see everyone's friends, I get to see their family. I get to do the shit that I wanna do. Pow, pow, pow.
  17. So Lewis D has had some kind of sex tape leak. Now we all know he’s a twunt but can any hunty shed some light on this?
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