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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Forgot about this iconic moment.
  2. Imagine squabbling over Lee Ryan though?
  3. Lee Ryan once asked my friend if he "could finger her in the toilets" in a club in Nottingham.

    She declined. I sipped my white wine with such glee.
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  4. We stan a classy legend!
  5. Straight men, eh. Am I right?
  6. Some more clips here. Who’ll be live posting, gerls?

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  7. Oop, I hope someone uploads this for us American viewers because I would love to give this a perch.
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  8. I've been looking forward to this doc. The rose coloured glasses seem real but can't wait to watch nevertheless.
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  9. Jade capitalised on BB well, and losing her at such a young age was tragic. But... this all seems quite revisionist about the level of her popularity - she came fourth - and tends to act like the racism thing wasn’t vile and appalling.
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  10. The irony with Jade is that her father was mixed race, and the family suffered racial abuse while she was growing up. On top of that, her parents were drug addicts and her father was violent.

    I think her jealousy of Shilpa Shetty being so well put together manifested itself in racist outbursts, not that that makes it better.
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  11. Rob


    Remember when the Big Brother song rate was held on here not too long back and Nadia was contacted for a quote and then tried to get this video scrubbed from YouTube? Iconic.
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  12. For Davina to say Jade was the real winner is a kick in the teeth to Alison who spent two weeks in the house and is still on TV every day 17 years later.
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  13. I hosted the Big Brother Contestant rate and i've just now learned that Alison Hammond was even in the house.
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  14. So Jade: Part 1 was really good. Interesting insight in to how she split with Jeff, the press are vile.
  15. I didn't follow the rate. Can you link a bitch?
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  16. The archive footage of Big Brother 2002 and the behind the scenes insight from the producers (who were varying degrees of cynical), including how they managed the BJ incident, was fascinating.

    That Daily Mirror journalist who still found all of the degrading shit he wrote about Jade absolutely hilarious came across as a terrible human being - no remorse or even reflection over what he’d done.
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  17. Jade, let's not forget, bullied Sophie in the house. I know that's only one facet of her personality, but it does tend to be forgotten.
  18. She bullied Rik Waller too on Back to Reality
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  19. I cannot deny the fact what Jade went through was fucking horrible and she didn't deserve what happened to her... but the fact people are ignoring how she could be an awfuly human being too is baffling.
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