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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. There are still two more parts to be shown?
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  2. The Shilpa Shetty situation was blood boiling television. Honestly, I remember getting so pissed off at how Shilpa was being treated by Jade and Jo and Danielle. Honestly, they really didn't expect the public to turn on them because...we loved Jade, and anyone by proxy would be forgiven. Except that didn't happen.
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  3. I don’t even think they thought of that. I don’t think they even realised just how bad they were. People really can have such little self awareness and it wasn’t really until they were confronted with the tapes did they really realise how awful they were being.
  4. Oh, I know, don't get me wrong, but I'm speaking from experience. I know the worst is still to come.
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  5. Or Adele Roberts who is STILL a Radio One DJ despite approaching Scott Mills' age and never even acknowledging that she was on BB (let alone that she was the other half of veruca-gate)...
  6. True! I didn't even realise Adele off Radio 1 was that Adele until I saw her photo a few years ago.
  7. What bothered me was how Jo and Danielle were actually polite and friendly to Shilpa until Jade and her mother/boyfriend arrived. They seemed to switch as they watched her battle against Shipla. You're probably right that they didn't realise the extent of their unpleasantness.
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  8. I will say, all things considered, the first part of that Jade Goody documentary was wonderfully executed.
  9. It was brilliant. It's a documentary just as much about celebrity culture of that time as much as it's about Jade. There was insane money being thrown around in those days. Magazine exclusives, pap shots, etc. It just doesn't compare to the influencer world of today who are comparatively making pennies for brand deals.
  10. Someone explain how Danielle Lloyd escaped the backlash?
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  11. I suppose beyond that, people didn't really know who she was, she wasn't as prominent as Jade.
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  12. "...modelling contracts with motorcycle insurance firm"

    I have to laugh
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  13. She was a very pretty white girl. Controversial maybe but that's why I think she came out of it pretty unscathed.
  14. If I remember rightly Danielle went pretty swiftly into marriage/mum mode, so the fallout probably didn't affect her as much as it could have done.
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  15. The story and media narrative was "Jade Goody is racist / the downfall of Jade" so the other two got off lightly, despite the most racist quotes coming from Danielle.
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  16. I’m still unclear as to what the end goal with the Jade documentary is, but I watched the first part of it this morning and it was absolutely riveting.

    A lot of young people today are probably too young or weren’t even born to remember Jade Goody’s run during BB3, so this is all probably fresh to them. The documentary did great in capturing just how fast the public went from hating her to loving her and how her star rose so fast in a short space of time off the back of Big Brother. Say what you will about the show, but it’s very easy to forgot what type of chokehold Big Brother had on pop culture at its peak.

    We all know what’s coming in the next two episodes, but I’m excited to see how they tackle it.
  17. Yeah the doc was so much better than I was anticipating.
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  18. I thought it was a one off, so very annoyed I’ve got to wait to see the rest. It was really good!
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  19. I wondered about this, but then I realised I kept forgetting she was involved. I kept forgetting about her. I was horrified with Jo. Her laughter when Shilpa looked at her for help against Jade's bullying enraged me.
  20. My theory is that Danielle successfully played the “dumb and easily led” card given how young and immature she seemed. Does anyone remember how she brought in a teddy doused in Teddy Sheringham’s aftershave to remind her of him during her short stay? Her childishness makes their age gap romance a bit creepy in retrospect.

    In her eviction interview, she managed to trivialise her contribution to the racist bullying by playing down the racial element and putting it down to schoolyard cattiness - when Davina asked her if she’d learned anything, she faux naively said “not to be such a bitch”, which unbelievably earned her applause.

    Her looks, sadly, also helped.
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