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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. BTG


    Dermot having a kii over the whole thing is making me uncomfortable.
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  2. Cleary the editor of this doc is an S Club 7 fan for Jo O'Meara's comments and behaviour to have been almost completely omitted. I know it's a documentary about Jade, but I am glad Danielle's comments were featured too, as it frustrates me to this day how she got off virtually scot-free, even trying to act superior years later when her ex-husband went into the house.

    Fascinating insights about the behind the scenes stuff during all the race row (though I do agree Dermot laughing was really jarring).
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  3. That series of CBB was truly nasty - the producers are definitely partly responsible for the tension building. I forgot about the awful way they evicted Jackiey. I also forgot how horrible Jo and Danielle were - their Twitter mentions must be interesting right now...
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  4. Yes I have always been infuriated at how Danielle got off so lightly compared to Jo. Jo and Jade are pretty too so surely it's not the pretty thing. The whole thing was a mess though, really quite shocking that it was aired/not intervened with which I'm sure it would be nowadays.
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  5. Watching the footage back gave me the most horrific residual anxiety, the exact same feeling I got when I watched it play out live. It's lost none of its impact.
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  6. It’s horrifying television. The little clique of bitches around Jade... Why didn’t BB intervene more?
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  7. What's funny is that I remember thinking how awful the behaviour of that bitchy clique looked the first time round. Now it still looks awful, but also reminds me a lot of the sort of thing I see in the office I work at on a regular basis. And in a lot of other offices I've worked in in the past. And these kind of women would never even contemplate the idea that their behaviour could be classed as bullying.
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    They didn’t dwell on it but I was surprised to see her mock Indian accent aired again. I’m sure she and Danielle are sweating tonight.

    That was a tough watch and time hasn’t been any kinder to it. It’s still powerful, horrendous, eye-opening and such a huge magnifying glass on what deep-rooted casual racism is.

    It’s made worse because of the gutter tabloid press and their demonisation of the working class. They treated Jade like “a pig”, then rallied around her and rose her to beloved status then tore her to shreds with venomous glee. What they did to her was disgusting in every respect throughout her entire celebrity life.

    That being said, we also can’t belittle the impact of what she said and did. She wasn’t a racist, but her words, her attitude... were racist. Honestly, the scenes are so shocking and vitriolic. The sly glances, the giggling. It was vile.
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  9. He also said, directly to her face, that she should clean the bones out of the toilet with her teeth (after Shilpa flushed chicken broth down the toilet and blocked it).

    Vile man. I'm about to watch Part 2 and I can feel this is going to be a hard watch.
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  10. Last night's watch was, much like when I watched it pan out live, horrifying. It truly is one of those moments in British history that has defined a moment. I thought Davina got it spot on when she mentioned watching the days prior thinking, "you're touching destroying territory here" and yet they carried on, unaware. At that point, you'd surely think the producers would've swooped in and attempted to remove someone from the situation, much like they do now with Love Island (often going unnoticed with damage control following soon after).

    I still think one of the most startling things about last night's episode was, and although it stems from the vile comments Jade made, how the British media and press took pleasure and money in not only helping in destroying her image following it, but also took great pleasure in destroying her mental well-being, made most noticeable when the News Of The World said they pushed her to apologise for a comment she never even made.

    I don't agree at all with the comments Jade or the girls said, but it's shocking at just how far the press were willing to destroy her, with no one thinking, "enough is enough now..."

    Jack Tweed, yet again, showed himself to be an absolute tool last night. His unnerving smirk through gritted teeth throughout the whole thing was incredibly nerving. As was Dermot's continuous laugh, although I'm sure that stems from sheer closure on the situation and nerves.

    Davina's genuine concern and calmness throughout the whole ordeal in the episode showed why she really was the Mother of Big Brother.
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  11. Charlie Brooker’s assessment of the CBB race row is still great, 12 years on:

    It’s funny and irreverent without trying to trivialise what was an awful and disturbing situation.
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  12. Jo got away with this quite lightly in last night's doc, I wonder if she intervened with this, she'd previously discussed how the whole thing made her suicidal back then. so I wouldn't be surprised if this was a decision made by Compliance. But when I say "got away", of course, she'd already dealt with the back lash first hand in 2007, so to bring this all up making it fresh would be like being punished all over again.
    Watching it back, what a dark Big Brother series this truly was, for me, the 2002 series was bright, funny, light-hearted, and pure nostalgia, this Celeb series was just, bleak.
  13. Even the interior of the house looked bleak and dystopian - almost like the nazi science lab from AHS Asylum.

    And the diary room was like some kind of panic room/crypt.
  14. The second part is sad and disturbing. While Jade's comments were abhorrent, you can't help but feel bad for her in the aftermath of it all. Not excusing her behavior, and she certainly needed to learn a lesson, but for her lesson to unfold so brutally and publicly, especially when there is racist behavior in the world that is so much worse and continues without any repercussions or accountability is unfortunate. The way the media capitalized on it, continually adding gas to the fire and making a mockery of the situation, was disgusting.

    I think the initial task of putting Jade and her family in a position of superiority, only to be rejected and despised by several of the other celebrities for her lack of class and status, and then for them to evict her mother in such a cold manner is what set the stage for disaster and unleashed an unfortunately ignorant and intolerant side to Jade that she perhaps had never previously had the opportunity to reckon with. Again, I hope this doesn't sound like I'm excusing her behavior, but rather trying to understand where it stemmed from. She wasn't inherently evil, she was a product of the environment she grew up in.
  15. I vividly remember that Faces Of Hate front page in The Sun. Big Brother was really my annual sport. It was my Wimbledon. I never missed an episode. It was TV that everyone watched and talked about. It lost that on Channel 5 but no TV show has made me laugh as loud or rage as hard as Big Brother. I remember seeing Jo on GMTV shaking and weeping. She was in a bad way after being exposed as a bully.
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  16. It seems crazy in retrospect that nobody intervened sooner, but there had been glasses of water thrown, persistent transphobic bullying, and full on fist fights in Big Brother prior to this, so a few contestants gathered in the corner singling out another housemate was, depressingly, par for the course.

    Plus (and this is something I think the documentary has skipped over) Jade herself had been pretty nasty at times on her first go-round on Big Brother, and in other reality TV appearances (I have a vague recollection of her bullying Rik Waller, but these shows all blend into one at this point...) so that probably contributed to producers not anticipating this would be a big deal until it very much was. She was behaving exactly as the producers expected her to act, but the racist aspect of the bullying meant the audience were most definitely not reacting how they were expected to react, and I don't think C4 were prepared for that.
  17. Danielle is odious. The audacity she had to go on GMTV and say the reason she gets 'attacked' online is because "they're girls and girls get jealous". Fast forward to recently and shes claiming Jamie O' fucking Hara left her no choice but to go on This Morning and air all their dirty laundry in some tacky Chanel sliders

    Jade & Jo at least seemed to serve their time for their crimes. I've no idea how the worst of the three is still able to flog her bullshit to any magazine that'll have her. Truly one of the worst housemates in BB history
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  18. That's the good thing about the huge reaction to what happened and annihilation of Jade - I felt afterwards that Jade truly learned her lesson and changed her horrible views.

    Jo never seemed to - she probably still talks about how SHE was victimized in the whole situation post-eviction.

    And Danielle? She's still overdue her public annihilation because I doubt she's ever considered her own disgusting behaviour since leaving...
  19. Apparently Danielle has been busy Twitter searching her name and blocking anyone who mentions her badly haha
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