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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. I'd love to see the shot of Nadia full on slapping Jason on the face that was then covered up.
  2. I came here to see if you guys were talking about this! I hope they show fun episodes and not just controversial ones (but bring on fight night and go away you adulterer) and I am so glad Davina is back doing BB stuff.

    It's so weird to see people talking about TV from the 21st century "ageing badly" in the same way one would discuss a movie from the 1980s or something. Big Brother was always a bit of an outlier when it came to reflecting the mood of the nation and things were often incredibly heightened compared to the outside world. Hopefully viewers will appreciate that when they watch these old episodes back. Of course some moments were shocking even at the time, we just didn't have so much social media outrage back then. I trust Davina and Rylan to frame these with the sensitivity they deserve.

    I hope this thread will be as lively as it used to be too!
  3. Let’s get ganghanded in here on launch night.
  4. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I'll dress as Kim and insult you all over Zoom.
  5. We need one of the cardboard box tasks to be shown again.

    Science pouring water into everyone's boxes esdhth
  6. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    I hope they show more than the obvious choices. I remember loving the robot task from BB11 where they all wore cardboard boxes sprayed silver, something forgotten like that would be ideal.
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  7. I want some hidden gems, as iconic as David's Dead is, it's on almost every reality TV best bit shows.
  8. I want to continue my BB7 rewatch but all the Youtube videos are blocked @bigblagger help

    Also not sure if I'm stating the obvious but the fact they chose Davina and Rylan surely means they're showing both C4 and C5 eras
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  9. It’s just the Channel 4 era they’re covering. 10 full episodes stripped across 2 weeks.

  10. So excited for this! It would be good if they had an episode from each series (they can skip BB4).
  11. They can show us Ray's wank, and that conversation where Lisa said she can kill a man with one blow, and that's all we'd need.
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  12. Ray was the first ever person I wanked over lmfao. I was so horny for him in the summer of 2003. Sigh.
  13. The most interesting thing will be to see whether they show moments like fight night in BB5, Jacuzzi sex in BB6, the transphobia in BB7 and racism in BB8 (not specific to this series, but the most obvious to the average viewer), or whether they'll show the lighter and heartier moments. I'm sure it will be the latter.
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  14. It might be on his DVDs?

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  15. I remember watching the Jade documentary last year and being a little shocked at how the footage from CBB had not aged well at all. It felt incredibly uncomfortable to watch today but I think C4 knew it was necessary in order to have that conversation and see where Jade went wrong. I think on C4 at least, BB was always more of a social experiment and I have no doubt they are aware that some of those hard-hitting moments are what made it must-see-TV at the time.
  16. Someone has probably spoke about it before but I've just come across the Please Do Not Swear Podcast which is reliving old seasons of Big Brother. They've just finished Season 1 and they're a hoot.

    It's made me go through Season 1 and god it really was so fresh at the time.

  17. Got it in spadeloads!
  18. Only Channel 4 episodes is a bit shit but hey ho, I'm gonna need a Pete Burns episode, A Lea episode, Jackie Stallone, Makosi and Charley Uchea must also appear. NO Ulrika, John fucking Mcririck or Vanessa Feltz thanks.
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  19. Vanessa Feltz going all out loon in CBB1 was a lot of fun theuax...
  20. I'll be glued to this, it was great in the early years and Celebrity.
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