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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Yeah but it's been shown time and time again, Someone like Charley Uchea has so many underrated moments.
  2. I’d like to see the full unedited episode of “Fight Night” from BB5. Also Pete Burns ruthlessly going for Traci Bingham in CBB4.
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  3. Who’s Ray? I think I must’ve missed that season.
  4. Jayne is probably my fav out of all the C5 era BB civilian contestants.

    ARE YOU ON DRAHGS, ARE YOU FAKKIN ON DRAHGS?! Why do I want to go home?! I want to go home because I'm BORED SHITLESS. I am hearing the same conversation OVER and OVER AGAIN! If I hear one more word about.... HAIR TONGS?! I'M GOING TO GO MAD. I've got fuck all to wear, I look like a tramp I haven't showered in TWO DAYS!!!

    Same, queen, same.
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  5. Craig from BB6 getting compared to Myra Hindley in his blonde wig is one of my highlights.
  6. I'm rewatching BB1 at the moment and it's pure nostalgia.

    I had forgotten how brilliant Nichola was. I've just watched an episode in which she starts telling them about how she was tripping after going to a rave and convinced herself that electricity from a pylon was flowing through her body after staring at it out a window. Plus she gave us this

  7. Nichola also had terrible gaydar or else was just trying to manufacture drama (ahead of her time queen) by suddenly coming to the realisation that she was in love with Darren just before her eviction. The should-I-or-shouldn’t-I-tell him storyline was like something out of a romcom (she chickened out and just told him that she loved him as a friend, leading to a bittersweet embrace).
  8. I used the fancy Darren so much...
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  9. Was it obvious at the time? I had no idea until we matched on Tinder a few years ago!
  10. Also just watched the episode where they were talking about George Michael being caught in the toilets and Anna, Caggie & Mel going in on Nick when he said "but if George Michael is there and a little kid comes in and sees it or propositions the kid". The girls go straight in about him linking being a paedophile with being gay and it was magic to witness them tearing down this ignorant comment by Nick.
  11. I'm gonna need some of these people snatched up for the next series.

  12. Such an iconic moment.
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  13. I love it. “To coin a phrase, the rest is history.” Kind of like when Alexandra Burke brought the phrase “elephant in the room” to the UK.
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  14. That photo looks nothing like her!
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  15. Nana emerging from the task room with snout in hand is amazing.
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  16. What was everyone’s favourite tasks? The jail task in BB7 was a hoot where they had to crawl through a tiny tunnel into a secret luxury room and keep it hidden.

    Then of course the iconic box task from BB6.
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  17. Re: Helen’s win - “I was rooting for Mark” - has anyone said this ever? Must have really wanted to visit the “Brow Bar”...
  18. Imagine rooting for Mark... Tragic.

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  19. Ugh Ashleigh was an icon
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  20. Helen Wood and her behaviour was disgusting that vote must have surely been rigged to some degree eurghh...
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