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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Nah, that vile Jason won a couple of years after, it got a worse audience/producers on 5ive than on Channel 4. They'd never allow such horrors to win.
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  2. Channel 5 ruined big brother with its MTV cast invasions in each series. If it comes back to channel 4 then happy days!
  3. Ashley being repulsed by Helen's existence was such a mood.

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  4. For me, Helen and her satanic personality was one of the all-time lows.
  5. Channel 4 had its fair share of undeserving heterosexual male winners. Anthony and Pete, over Makosi or Nicki /Aisleyne? I don't think. I didn't watch BB4 but I have to imagine there were better options than Cameron. BB8 started with a female only house, and somehow ended up with a majority of dreadful men in the final.
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  6. All the deserving Queens placed third place (Makosi, Aisleyne, Deana, Kim Woodburn)
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  7. All whilst the Pete's, Helen's and Bear's of the world win. Ughhh

  8. Pete was a great winner, though I was voting for Aisleyne on the night.
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  9. It was mostly the same team when it first went to Channel 5, I’d say the first C5 Celeb and Normal series were very much in line with Channel 4, but it quickly took a nose dive.
    The biggest issue was when they changed the editing style to be more in line with TOWIE, Made In Chelsea reality shows etc. Also the standards in casting completely dropped.
    And Viacom owning both MTV and C5 definitely had a part to play with Geordie Shore and Ex On the Beach cast just turning up.
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  10. Jason was the absolute worst, I felt his win was in sympathy of ICONIC CHARLEY ripping into him "Unlike DAT little BASTARD who did not have my back" Queen.
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  11. To be honest, I know Nikki is a Big Brother icon but rants aside her behavior in BB7 was pretty disgusting. calling Sam a "man" and who therefore must "fancy all of us" was really gross to see in 2020. It's just strange that Grace was labeled as the bully when Aisleyne aside they were all pretty horrid.
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  12. Iconic rant aside, this entire moment is golden. The last 5 seconds are a moment.
  13. I know so many worse things were said behind Sam’s back but for me, one of the most unkind things Nikki did in that clip (and that I remembered even before watching it) was getting on her high horse and acting mortally offended when Sam jokingly commented that Nikki was “desperate for a good shagging” to big brother (which Nikki had heavily implied just moments earlier, repeatedly in her audition tape and to the house at large in general), something Nikki would have laughed at if literally anyone else had said it. In the cosy, tipsy intimacy of the diary room, it looked as if Sam thought she had finally broken through the awkwardness that had plagued her first couple of the days in the house and was feeling included as one of the gang only for Nikki to harshly remind her that she most definitely wasn’t and never would be.

    I’m sure I must have experienced something resembling that interaction at some point in my life (as the Sam!) which makes it so triggering!
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  14. At 21:50 it sounds like Lea is singing Who Let The Dogs Out.
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  15. This stands out to me too.

    Don't think it was included in the clip, but in one of the latest episodes of the season during my Big Blagger re-watch, Aislyene finds tampons next to Sam's bed which Sam brought in for the other girls. Aislyene handles the situation really sensitively and although she did ask why Sam needed them, it wasn't in a horrible/invasive way. Nikki being Nikki then turned it into a complete scene, "Why would you need tampons? Are you a man or a woman? You have a penis? So you're a man then, yes?" to which Sam agreed. It was horrible. Aislyene intervened and basically told Nikki to fuck off and then said something to Sam like "did you just bring them in to share with us?" and Sam was like "yeah" but she looked so sad.

    I'm not sure if I was just late to knowing this but Sam actually transitioned back into presenting as male after the show and mvI'm pretty sure they identify as gender fluid now, and actually during their time on the show Sam talked a lot about how they didn't think clothes/hair/makeup defined being a man or a woman etc. Sam was honestly ahead of her time and she had a dreadful BB experience.

    I'm so glad I always stanned Aislyene from the beginning and actually never got the Nikki hype. She was quite vile.
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  16. Jayne was AMAZING
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  17. Watching BB7 back with a 2020 viewpoint is pretty shocking. The weird energy between Richard and Michael, the whole Sam debacle etc... Aisleyne gets sexually assaulted in two consecutive episodes - Spiral rubs himself on her naked and Mikey bites her bottom. She complains but it is pretty much laughed off - if it was aired today they would both rightfully be ejected.
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  18. The fact she didn’t triumph against evil is a travesty of the highest order.
  19. Nikki calling Sam a "Man Beast" is something I'm shocked she got away with even in 2007. I really felt sorry for Sam during her time in the house, the way she got set up by Nikki and Grace to be seen as shit stirring to Lea, then Sam ended up in tears and was basically accused of faking her tears.
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