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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Grace calling Aisleyne a wigger and hoochie mama was pretty out there aswell.

    It was funny how Aisleyne didn't see through Grace at all until she threw the water on Susie. I'd actually love to watch more of the live feed from this series (particularly the first month) just to see more of the unedited interactions that you dont see in the episodes.
  2. I know, what was going on there? The source of their mutual dislike for one another seemed to have a number of layers and was really quite uncomfortable. I don’t recall either of them coming out of it especially well.

    It has only just occurred to me but this is 100% true. I always imagined some kind of open feud between them (in the same way Aisleyne and Lea were always fighting) but looking back on it, it was all completely one-sided until the Suzie incident. Even after that, Aisleyne’s dislike for Grace was completely centred around the disrespect she’d shown Suzie - that was the only thing she confronted Grace about when she came back in (in a later C5 series, she’d have been shown all of the footage of Grace calling her a hoochie mama, wigger etc. beforehand and would have been able to confront her about that as well!).
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  3. Are they showing the full episodes? Everyone focuses on George as the cat but Rula was equal parts mesmerizing and terrifying as the ape and elephant. Queen of method acting tbh.
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  4. Full episodes! 10 Episodes!
  5. Do we think they’d dare to show THAT episode, if we’re talking iconic episodes as a whole.
  6. Sam was very ahead of their time, really.
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  7. The fact that I have no idea which one you're on about because BB has so many messy episodes that they daren't air in 2020.
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  8. I was referring to ‘fight night’, but as you say there’s so many episodes they would not touch with a barge pole in 2020.

    Do we know if this is C4-era exclusive? The David’s Dead episode is easily the most iconic from the C5 run.
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  9. Didn’t we have several “fight nights”? I know what you mean tho

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  10. Dennis was truly a repulsive creature.
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  11. We need either Fight Night or the Wedding episode from Series 5
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  12. Oh i thought they were referring to the Jade/Shilpa argument episode... which they wouldn't dare to air surely. I think it's all C4 era.
  13. I would imagine they'll want to air episodes that portray Big Brother as a show that propelled the nation forward. Stuff like Nadia winning, despite a very hostile press working against her.

    They'll probably air an episode from the first series and talk about how innocent they were, how they had no idea it would become the phenomenon it was.
  14. "Fight Night" will forever be one of the most gripping nights of television, I watched that live feed without no sleep for two days straight back then. Fucking birds tweeting every few seconds... awww memories.
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  15. Is the thing I'm most excited about going to be the opportunity to make high-ish quality gifs of classique Big Bertha moments?

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  16. 2020 IS SAVED
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  17. I’m sure the link is in this thread somewhere but can’t find it. What’s the website where I can watch full episodes?
  18. Considering Rylan's involvement I think it would be weird without anything from the Channel 5 era. And if we don't have at least a week devoted to Kim Woodburn's run I'll be pissed.
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  20. Seems Channel 5's owner Viacom tried to get the repeat rights for their episodes to run on MTV against the E4 shows. That hasn't happened so it's still not clear whether the Channel 5 shows will be included.
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