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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Do people think Pete’s rant at Traci was racially motivated?

    I just finished rewatching CBB4 and Pete’s issue with Traci was to do with her incincerity. He was probably more ruthless with Rula Lenska and Jodie Marsh so it’s not like he singled her out for being the only black female.
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  2. From memory (I haven’t rewatched any of the links posted) it was very much rooted in misogyny - like so many of Pete’s attacks.

    Obviously, kicking off at a black female because she chooses to be kind and inoffensive instead of saying any hurtful thing that crosses her mind? For him it’s a choice, for her it’s the difference between a career and career suicide. Racially insensitive would be my description...
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  3. I always found it curious that, during his finale night interview, Pete repeated his theory about how Traci overused the word “love” ... and not even 5 minutes later said that he “loved it when the numbers diminished because [he] got more time in the bathroom.” Thought you could only love people, not things, Pete??
  4. I just rewatched it this week and I’d agree that he was quite sexist. I also think George Galloway was incredibley sexist too calling Jodie a “page 3 trollop” in the diary room among other things.

    I know racisism is a touchy subject particularly in BB so I don’t want to denounce anything that anyone else might consider offensive to them. However I think Brits in general are quite cynical of that whole American thing of saying “Have a nice day” and “OMG, you’re so amazing”
  5. While I’m sure that (if this series is included) they’ll choose “you be the cat” as the episode, I’d like to see opening night instead - at the time she was insufferable but with the hindsight of knowing her post-show story, I do feel bad for Jodie...
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  6. I never liked Jodie the first time but I found her quite endearing a few years ago when she did a couple of tv docs about bullying, sex work and trophy hunting. Watching back this week I felt quite sorry for her. The way George told Chantelle (the only housemate who seemed to like her) to avoid being seen with her and telling Jodie she was corrupting her was cruel. I suppose the way they talked about Jodie would today be considered “slut shaming”

  7. The first 5 episodes.

    Was the Ulrika/Verne task really that memorable a moment? They’re wasting an episode on that?
  8. Disappointed with the Ulrika episode. Why? Rather rewatch Kinga pop a bottle up her toot.
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  9. Yeah Bwackie!
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  10. The only scenes I wanna see from Ulrika's series is Tina Malone popping off.
  11. I assume they’ll be omitting Michael Barrymore’s Hitler impression from the Monday episode?
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  12. MB


    If we don’t get fight night I’ll be fuming.
  13. Uno


    Do you think they'll share the Tiffany/Angie "David's dead" moment of mass hysteria, or will they omit it out of respect for David Gest?
  14. I kind of hope they re-air the Box Task episode from BB6 because it was hilarious from start to finish.
  15. I mean... Traci WAS insincere to the point of nausea
  16. If Box Task and Fight Night aren't included... And we get Ulrika and the Kids task instead.
  17. Americans are brought up differently. It comes down to what is considered good manners and proper etiquette. Americans are brought up to be kind and to try to put people at ease. They're not the only culture like this either. I truly don’t understand how kindly telling someone to have a nice day is so terrible. Brits are very contradictory when it comes to their assessment of Americans: Americans are either too loud and obnoxious or Americans are too nice and cheery.
  18. I kinda want to defend Pete but looking back he was sexist. Jodie made things worse for herself though by claiming she didnt want to be associated with sex and then constantly talking about all the sexual things she had done. And Traci WAS insincere to the point of nausea.
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  19. Wed: Ulrika & Verne ‘Endless Love’ (CBB6)

    Pardon me, sir...?
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  20. I’m a bit frustrated at the amount of CBB episodes which are in there. There must be so many iconic Big Brother episodes out there, we don’t need to revisit CBB moments which are on YouTube for all to see so easily. Will people really care about the build-up and aftermath of ‘Yeah, Brackie’?

    The only reason I can think of for including this is that it’s the same episode where Coolio and Tina Malone argued too? Otherwise, literally no need to air this again.
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