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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. They're deffo going to go for CBB1 - Vanessa meltdown, something from BB3, hopefully Fight Night Bb5, Box task Bb6 and I cant figure out the last one.

    C4 are obsessed with that series of CBB. Nobody asked for Coolio or Ulrika in Ultimate Big Brother and yet there they were.
  2. Speaking of Coolio and Ulrika, Nikki drags them both in this Guardian article from yesterday:

    “Doing Ultimate Big Brother was really sad, because it was the last ever show [on Channel 4]. It was weird being in there with the celebrities. Some of them were awful, like Coolio and Ulrika Johnson. Coolio was a bully and Ulrika was so negative about everything. But Vanessa Feltz was lovely.”

    The comment about Ulrika being negative about everything is a bit rich coming from Nikki but it’s not untrue...
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  3. The one saving grace of UBB?
  4. That Endless Love duet is not a damn classic and this is a hill I will die on.
  5. Wait how is that my post you quoted lol
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  6. I was reading about BB4 the other night and totally forgot about the bombscare evacuation and then that random housemate swap with Big Brother Africa...sad that some truly memorable moments get lost in such a dull series.
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  7. I haven't rewatched BB4 since it aired though do remember this latecomer being fairly interesting.

    She had a Glenn Close look about her which added to her mystique.
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  8. I’m also not eager to see La Toya panting her way through Wanna Be Startin’ Something either (is it the talent show or a different challenge?)
  9. I long for the days when they could have a talent show task and the majority of housemates could participate.
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  10. Surely we’re going to get a Jade Goodey episode from BB3. And I’d like to see Makosi saying she’s pregnant after being in the jacuzzi with Anthony
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  11. It's not the talent show, It was later on in the series. Remember Michelle telling Tina she looked like The Princess from Shrek in her talent show costume!. "I didn't mean that, There's a pretty one in Shrek too isn't there?"
  12. I'd like the final episode to be a clip show format. Or just extend the series to 50 episodes x
  13. Ultimate Big Brother was the ultimate shit show for me. John, Ulrika, Coolio, Preston, Chantelle and Nick would absolutely not have been on my list nor would Vanessa but I get her iconic status from her series. If I was in charge it would have looked something like this

    Pete Burns
    Charley Uchea
    Lea Walker
    Makosi Musambasi
    Craig Coates
    Grace Adams- Short
    Nadia Almada
    Nikki Grahame
    Michelle Bass
    Victor Ebuwa
    Corin Forshaw
    Brigiette Nielson
    Leo Sayer
    Brian Dowling
    Rex Newmark
    Tina Malone
    Lisa Appleton

    If Channel 5 was to do a proper All Stars series, (That one with Callum, Coffin, Jasmine etc was done on the cheap) I'd like these icons

    Kim Woodburn
    Tiffany Pollard
    Gemma Collins
    Leslie Jordan
    Deana Uppal
    Gina Rio
    Lauren Harries
    Ashleigh Coyle
    Farrah Abraham ( I want her to do something on Nana and Nana to go mad.)
    Hughie Mauaghan
    Jayne Connery
    Lateysha Grace
    Natalie Rowe
    Chanelle McCleary
    Hurricane Sue Evans
    Shane Jeneck/Courtney Act
    Natalie Nunn

    Wow that Channel 5 series full of ghewls and gays would be amazing.
  14. To think we’ll be live posting about Big Brother again tonight...

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  15. I'm getting annoyed at CBB getting all the coverage in the media, the regular series had so many incredible moments. I want to see Makosi's secret missions dammit!!
  16. I love BB6 but is airing it, especially during this current movement, going to end up in more harm than good? I cannot believe some of the racism they let go to air.
  17. Less than an hour to go?

  18. There was far too much CBB on Ultimate Big Brother (casting Ulrika and Coolio was a joke) and it's a shame these classic episodes are looking so CBB heavy too.

    There are endless brilliant moments from the normal series. A series of clip shows covering each of the strongest series and maybe a best of CBB would have been cool?
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  19. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    TV schedules are full of repeats as it is so they could easily be showing a clip show and a full episode every week.
  20. Anyone who's going to watch this outside of the UK? Nñn
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