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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. I liked the one where they all had to stay awake. It was the series with Carole and the twins.
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  2. If someone didn’t post the game by Nichola holt tonight then yall dead to me
  3. That was fantastic.
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  5. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Davina needs to wear her Big Mutha top one night.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. That table meeting is some of the most gripping television ever aired. It was such a different time.
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  8. That was so engaging, fascinating, and captivating. That was truly a brilliant piece of television, both in 2000, but also in 2020. My family and I all sat there and gasped at the end of it, just like we did in 2020.

    Hopefully this will, ideally, get Channel 4 to put the entire series of Big Brother on All4 for people to binge.
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  9. One of my favourite tasks was in BB6 when they were in the boxes. Kemal was a hoot!

    Was it a task that put Lesley (the udders from Hudders) in BB6 in a neck brace? Her and Sam yelling each other is one of my BB highlights.
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  10. Watching tonight's episode of pure nostalgia, I can't believe they're giving us Urika Johnson and Verne Troyer singing when we have so many other iconic episodes, particularly those from the early days:

    BB2: When Helen and Paul spent the night in the snug and had their first kiss.
    BB2: When Amma and Stuart had the first big scale BB fight in the hot tub.
    BB3: The Rich/Poor divide with Jade's "this dirty, minging BB house.. it's disgusting!"
    BB3: Kate getting drunk and falling over whilst trying to put her clothes on.

    Even the miner episodes, like in BB7 when they all had to stand on the podiums to win immunity and you just watched "The Plastics" (Nikki, Grace, Imogen and Lisa) fighting their way until the very end, only for Grace to pick the "short straw" and give it to Lisa.
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  11. I forgot what an absolute dish Darren is, whew
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  12. I'm still furious at them picking Ulrika and Verne.
  13. It's quite odd being able to chart your own childhood and teens through bits of Big Brother, isn't it? I don't even have any rose-tinted nostalgia for it particularly because I think it had ran its course by the end, but seeing stuff like this origi-episode really hits home how much of my life has been taken up by watching it.

    The fact they're sitting on this entire archive of stuff, months and months of footage over the course of more than a decade, is incredible really.
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  14. That was a lot more intense than I remembered it as a kid. I utterly loved every minute of it though. I honestly pine for this show to come back.
  15. Big Brother on E4 had 660k (3.7%) nearly treble the slot average

    Slay a bit.
  16. It’ll be interesting to see how it holds up over the next week! I know there’s a lot of nostalgia over Big Brother on C4 again but if it can remain steady, then there’s definitely still an interest.
  17. It’s also higher than some of the overnight ratings for the last normal series on C5, and only 0.4k below the final episode on C5.

    For some extra context of how well a 20 year old episode of BB rated.
  18. BTG


    The ongoing success will depend on the choice of episodes really. These early series are like a fascinating time capsule of a different time, with reality TV in its infancy. The whole show was an interesting watch because it was just so... innocent.

    I’m not sure the episode of Nikki gurning during a much more familiar format will have quite the same casual interest.
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  19. Watching it in 2020, Nasty Nick really was giving me Tory politician:

    - Full of bonhomie, superficially charming (the way he tried to ingratiate himself with Darren - blech)
    - Casual superiority complex - he saw himself as a leader and assumed that these people would fall in line with his directions (with the exception of Anna, who he was clearly shit scared of)
    - No actual intelligence or strategy to back up all of his bluster and sense of superiority - his actual plan to influence nominations was absolutely shit and riddled with holes
    - Incapable of answering straightforward questions when cornered and inability to admit wrongdoing, even trying to turn things round on Craig at the beginning of the kitchen table confrontation!
    - Shit, overgrown public schoolboy dress sense
    - Casually made inflammatory, incredibly offensive comments (re George Michael’s toilet adventures “What if he propositioned a child?” which Anna thankfully ripped him a new one over)
    - Quit when he fucked up so badly that there was no way back for him but actually managed to use his own personal failings as the basis for a media career/book deal
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