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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. I don’t remember anything about this series, not even the launch night with these celebs, which I normally made the effort to do every series. I’m guessing I didn’t miss out on much?
  2. BB4 was a dud and is often brushed under the rug. Boring casting, nothing really happened of note. I only remember Jon Tickle, something to do with chickens and a housemate exchange that was pretty uneventful.
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  3. I remember Nikki saying a few years ago that she failed her first audition for BB because they knew about her being sectioned as a child for her eating disorder. The second time she auditioned it was a different set of producers apparently and she didn’t tell them about it.
  4. All the potentially good housemates got evicted within the first few weeks (the ones likely to cause drama), so it got more boring each week, to the point where it actually felt like an entirely different series to when it started, the subdued housemates started to get screen time.
    The biggest moment I remember that got hyped to f**k was when Lisa said she could kill someone with 2 fingers, or something like that.
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  5. There was also a bomb scare which took an eviction night off air and they sent Cameron to the BB Africa house for a few days. Apart from Lisa "2 fingers" Jeynes that's all I remember.

    And STILL it was the most boring year.
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  6. Someone hoovering the diary room is all I remember of BB4.
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  7. Hahaha Lisa! They sent her in to spice it up and she did what she could bless her.
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  8. Yes when you look back you can see she did the best she could against a bland lineup. I don't think I appreciated it at the time.

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  9. Bless her trying to cause an argument and no one reacting to her.
  10. I haven’t enjoyed this look back series as much as I thought I would, there’s been some strange episode choices and it probably would’ve worked better if each episode just focused on a particular series?

    On a plus, it’s made me revisit ‘Must Be The Music’ by Queen Michelle Bass.
  11. Do we think Big Brother called in the bomb threat just so something of note happened during that series?
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  12. I really think they tried to make that series exciting, it sowed the seeds of what Big Brother was to become later had the first double eviction, the first evicted housemate to return, the housemate swap. I think the cast did let it down massively. I only remember faces and zero names ddd

    I even remember E4 airing Big Brother US that summer too, including the live feeds. C4 really embraced Big Brother back then.
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  13. I think CBB will definitely be coming back soon, this week feels like an advertisement for it.
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  14. It would've been perfect lock down TV.
  15. The falling out I think happened between Isabelle and Chanelle. Raph, Deb and Hannah still follow her on Instagram.
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  16. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I think so too. The way they're referring to the C5 era only in a very vague way seems to suggest this series is all about bringing it back home to the C4 family, not just a nostalgia trip. In comparison when it was on 5 they'd refer to the older series regularly.
  17. I always thought it would be an interesting idea to put 5 celebs in the house each with a fan (so 5 celebs, 5 civilians). It would be an interesting social experiment to see celebrities living with their fans and how they'd react. For instance, in an argument would a fan blindly side with their idol or would it end up being a case of "never meet your hero" and the relationship would break down?
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  18. I think the E4 show is mostly just to honour it's 20th anniversary along with it being cheap to produce during lockdown. I wouldn't put too much stock into an immediate comeback. With that said, the ratings have been great and perhaps its made a few people at Channel 4 re-think about its relevancy in 2020.

    I'd rather they upload the most popular series to 4OD, I'm surprised that hasn't happened yet. I could see that being a real hit.
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  19. I stopped watching when it began with an all-female house and one guy (someone from Northern Line??) - was there ever a year after where a guy was first out (vote-wise)?

    I remember a year where 3 annoying guys and 1 absolutely fine, likeable girl were up for exit and, naturally, the public gave her the chop, despite more than one of the guys being utter trash.
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  20. If my memory serves me correctly this didn't happen until BB17 when Marco Pierre White Jr was evicted over one of the girls.

    In the celebrity version it also didn't happen until later into C5 era when David Mackintosh was the first evicted.
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