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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Most shows require a script. Especially those with so many inserts and live cues like the Big Brother live shows. "X can't function without a script writer/autocue" isn't an unusual putdown for female presenters unfortunately.

    Besides this, the suggestion that a once a week live show script could make or break an entire series of Big Brother is just stupid.
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    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    This needs to be on Spotify:
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  3. That exchange between Davina and Rylan about Brian and the impact he had was the best contribution they've both made to this series.
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  4. Have I missed something... this song has never been available anywhere in full right? Or did I miss that incredible cultural moment?

    This is the biggest piece of lockdown excitement I've had since the footage of the Spice Girls reunion tour leaked.
  5. Are these considered good? Clearly it started well but seems to have fallen drastically
  6. For E4 they are pretty decent.
  7. Yes, the slot average is about 200k.
  8. It has never been released. It was a demo track (rumoured to be for Kylie) which they've dug out for our delight.
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  9. I hope Chantelle has been in the studio laying down the vox Jenny Frost style.
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  10. I think the box task has been by favourite of the ten episodes shown. Pure character-driven entertainment.
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  11. Had this been a Channel 5 series they'd probably have sent in Big G to confront Helen and Paul.
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  12. And we'd have loved every second
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  13. I wonder why ITV has never signed up Brian for I'm A Celeb.
  14. This is funny but... Glyn was hardly the most exciting housemate so a bit hypocritical that he’s shaming Vanessa here
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  15. To be frankly honest, the contrast between Vanessa's VT and her actions in the house were ultimately one of the most iconic actions during the BB series.
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  16. I think it'll be back soon, so obvious now. I just hope the format is treated better.
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  17. Back in the day I had a rip of I Want It All that I listened to all the time. Am I really hearing it in full tomorrow? GAY RIGHTS.
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    Tribal Spaceman Staff Member

    That episode bored me, sorry. It's nice to see some of you enjoying it though. This has always been my favourite thread on Popjustice.

    I'll take what I can get where 'I Want It All' is concerned but it would be amazing if they'd combined Chantelle's vocals with the original demo.
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  19. Here's the tea: I think Brian Dowling is probably one of the most important queer people to be on British TV, and seeing him again has just cemented it even more.

    Certainly for most millennials in the UK, he was one of the first young gays I ever really got to see on a mainstream platform, prime time for an entire summer, at the exact same time I and many others were coming to terms with ~things.

    He was flawed, funny as fuck, still figuring things out... it was really amazing seeing someone like that grow, unapologetically be himself and win people over every single night.
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  20. The clip of him shouting over the fence tonight was so funny. Clever, sharp, quick-witted. It’s no wonder he went on to have such a successful career.
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