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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. I always thought the counting task where Big Brother screams at her was a little hilarious ddd
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  2. It’s bordering on “Debra Messing/Megan Mullally destroying the nostalgia of the reboot” territory for me. See:

  3. As I've already said, Brian winning BB means a great deal to me, but if his tenure as host of BB on Channel 5 is forgotten about, I think he should be grateful.
  4. Do we know what happened to chicken Stu?And what he looks like now?

    Asking for a friend.
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  5. No one else found him as attractive as I did, he was hot as anything.
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  6. I can understand why he might have been a bit miffed to not get a proper call into the show rather than just a recorded clip but Brian needs to look up the true definition of "vitriol" and "abuse".
  7. Jade Goody was mixed race too, it doesn't mean you can't also be racist.

    Brian Dowling is doing the most with the least. Emma was a great host, and I would like her back on any future series. Brian just doesn't have the range.
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  8. Narinder was awful to Emma after she got the job.
  9. And now judging by Narinders Twitter feed, she hates Brian, or at the least has fallen out with him.

  10. sad face
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  11. The time Brian tried to peek up Adam from Corrie's kilt on live TV? I frowned a bit., don't do that.
  12. I am a huge fan of this show but honestly... I can barely remember Brian presenting it.
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  13. I may have done a small bit of digging a few days ago. This is the last pic of him that I can find on Victor's twitter.

    Apparently Michelle hasn't heard from him in 14 years. It also seems he got a PhD at some point.
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  14. I didn't remember at all until this Twitter spat. Honestly felt like Emma hosted Channel 5's series right from the start.
  15. Chicken Stu really was an absolute dreamboat.
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  16. I finished Week 2 of BB6 and there has not been a dull moment. I can’t stop watching. I forgot how many great moments there are right off the bat.

    Roberto throwing food over Maxwell (itswhatshedeserves.gif)
    ‘Jokes are not my suit’
    ‘I refuse to diminish my character, I REFUSE!’
    ‘If you want to communicate with me, communicate with me’
    amongst many others ddd

    It’s great but also a little uncomfortable in parts, Lesley’s relentless bullying of Sam, Roberto gaslighting Kemal and referring to him as a ‘ladyboy’ and the racial divides as discussed. I also watched Lesley’s eviction last night and there was a sign in the crowd that read ‘Craig is a mincer’ right behind Davina. 2005, huh?
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  17. Lesley reminded me of those nasty high school girls who'd pick on other girls just to make them feel superior.

    I loved how Sam would bite back though

  18. No one got on in BB6, it helped
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  19. I remember Maxwell making a comment at Sam after he walked in and you could just tell from Lesley’s face she was jealous from the get go. I think she was dealing with some massive insecurities and tearing Sam down was a way for her to feel good. Miss Sam was not having it though dd.
  20. Lesley's entrance and exit outfits pointed to those massive insecurities. With time I think she could have been a good housemate though.
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