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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Agreed, it is interesting how she'd make comments about Saskia's boobs being fake and Sam's clothes always being off, but once Sam made a comment about her she was straight in the Diary Room crying her eyes out. It definitely explains her behaviour.
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  2. S6 had so many arguments!
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  3. I maintain that the only misstep Makosi made in the entirety of BB6 was choosing Mary as one of her two first week nominees.
  4. Mary was absolutely fantastic, I think her journey in there would've been a fantastic one to watch unfold.
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  5. It's a shame she came out of her shell on her eviction day, she was finally engaging in group conversations and they were all fascinated by her, Saskia was the only one who nominated her that week. I think she would have been great and really held her own against the bigger characters.
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  6. Whew. I love how when Makosi actually realised what her task was she went from 0-100. I have to laugh at Mary tapping out after 20mins too, also her pronunciation of Makosi drives me insane!!! ‘MAKOSEYE, MAKOSEYE!!!!!’
  7. Rewatching BB6, Maxwell is even worse than I remember. Did he actually pick his scabs and put them in Sciences food? He's an absolute prick and thinks he would have won it if it wasn't for Saskia? Pure trash.

    Vanessa isn't as boring as I remembered. Craig is also hilarious.
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  8. All Maxwell cared about was alcohol. Was the only thing on his mind well that and sex.

    A total cringe.
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  9. I finished watching Best Shows Ever last night and honestly it’s got me longing for its return. Really hoping we get to see it again.
  10. Same!

    my only issue is, it wasn’t the same show in the more modern years for many reasons, so I don’t know if it would capture the c4 magic.
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  11. I mean, not an endorsement of him at all, but there's a decent chance Maxwell would have won to be fair? I'm pretty sure he was the favourite, or one of them around the start, and his sidekick wound up actually winning, after absorbing votes from each member of that clique after they got evicted (remember when enough people watched and supported the show enough for that to happen??). I suppose maybe if he had stayed, himself and Anthony might have split the vote a bit and Eugene would have won. All things considered I think we got the best winner scenario, as Anthony was involved in lots of storylines, relatively unproblematic for that time period, and Eugene was boring as hell.
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  12. I think the biggest issue would be 2020 compliance after the whole Jeremy Kyle scenario, I’m sure the producers would intervene a lot more and we could end up with minimal drama.
    Channel 5 kind of cheapened the show, so I think Channel 4 would hopefully be able to learn from this and hopefully keep it as faithful to the first few series as possible.
  13. To be fair, I feel like Love Island has proven that you can capture people’s interest without plying contestants full of alcohol and pulling too many cheap twists to force drama. I mean it felt like every other day in the C5 series’ that they’d play people’s conversations back to the rest of the house.

    That said, Love Island is a lot easier to orchestrate as a producer than BB because there aren’t any set rules about how people exit and enter. I think doing it “vote to save” would work better these days than “vote to evict” anyway. They need to dispel as much of the toxicity the show developed in later years. That would also mean scrapping the live crowd, or at least ensuring literally everyone isn’t just booed.
  14. I think that’s what I disliked most about the later series, the ‘tasks’ just became so non existent and just boiled down to “who said this horrible thing about who?” or “we did a poll to see who the ugliest/most annoying/worst housemate is, can you guess who it was?”
  15. RJF


    A mechanic that I hated in the Channel 5 years was when stuff housemates said in the Diary Room was made public in-house because... it completely invalidated the point of it. Why would you go and unload your frustrations in the supposedly confidential Diary Room if they would air what you said to the rest of the house the next day for a laugh?
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  16. I mean, I was no fan of Wolfy but being made to wear placards all day long labelling you as the person voted BOTH “Least Attractive” and “Least Hygienic” was tantamount to psychological abuse and would have pushed anyone over the edge.
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  17. Did anyone know about this?

    It's nice they are still friendly as Makosi was very bitchy behind her back.
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  18. Maxwell is actually unbearable, the absolute smugness coming from him and Saskia after they got the loudest cheers from the crowd, this is what truly began the wedge between them all - they felt untouchable and couldn’t handle people (Derek ‘she’s a silent assassin’) bitching behind their backs. I am so thankful that even back then I could see right through their bullshit. Anthony has at least some likeable qualities about him and he makes an effort with most others.

    I think Craig is absolutely horrible, he’s a self-professed bitch but can’t handle people not liking him or wanting to believe him? I can’t...and there was a special moment where Vanessa came out as bisexual to him and he completely turned it around and started ranting about why he thought people didn’t like him...
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  19. Just finished the first week of BB6 and the way Makosi has the house shook is quite astounding. She played the game to perfection and completely fucked with their heads. She really set up all the grouping and doubt in that house for the rest of the series.

    Imagine if someone else had gone to that diary room, imagine if it was Sam! We would have had a completely different outcome from day 1. Also want to echo what others have said about Mary here, she would have been a great housemate if she’d have had longer to grow. When Makosi live nominated she had commented on weather she should put up the ‘two who are attached at the hip’ and proceeded to nominate Craig. I wish shed have gone for Vanessa and Craig. I imagine if she had’ve asked to change Mary for Vanessa BB would have obliged haha!
  20. I wish she'd put two guys up to throw the whole system on its head.
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