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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. FIRL: Fashion Icon Rula Lenska
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  2. Grace, Michelle, Kinga, Aisleyne, Sophie, Charley, Nikki and Nadia.

    It's was from a "Lady Gaga-esque photoshoot" for The Sun.
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  3. Whoever cast that photoshoot had great taste in housemates though there is one major omission - how could they possibly have done a bad girls themed big brother shoot without Makosi? She must have been unavailable.
  4. I love that photo
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  5. I've been rewatching BB3 and forgot how awful Sophie was treated in her last few weeks.

    Constantly attacked for being fake and for saying mate a lot.

    I felt so bad for her. Tim was actually more brutal than Jade aswell in my opinion as he didn't even acknowledge her and treated her like pondscum.

    I hope Sophie is doing well today.
  6. I love coming back to this after a rough day.
    Add COVID-19 x
  7. Done and added a replacement gif for the one that died.
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  8. A BB7 reunion interview with Lewis Nichols will be uploaded on the 21st of August which includes Suzie, Glyn, Lea, Pete, Sam, Jennie, Jayne, Spiral and Bonnie. Suzie looks the exact same!
    There is a BB3 reunion interview being uploaded this Friday if anyone is interested.

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  9. BB6's reunion is only Maxwell, Anthony & Eugene apparently.

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  10. Glyn said on twitter everyone was asked, but some would only do it for money
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  11. Yeah Lea and Bonnie were shading Nikki and Aisleyne for wanting a fee, Richard was working so couldn't do it.
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  12. God I loved Bonnie. Robbed of an icon that series.

    Probably my favorite VT of all BBUK history.
  14. Makes me want to sit at home and flick me bean
  15. ADM


    This Summer really would have been perfect for an actual new BB series. Everyone at home needs it and I'm sure logistically they could have made it work pretty well and safely!
  16. Where’s that clip of Imogen caterwauling “Beautiful Suuuuzie, she loves getting rrrrrready” as part of the talent show task when you need it?

    Suzie always looked beautiful and I expect she has put in a lot of time and effort into preserving her appearance in the years since the show aired.
  17. I imagine building the physical house would’ve been the biggest stumbling block. They demolished the old one weeks after the final series finished on Channel 5. Had it still been standing, a couple of weeks in quarantine for the housemates, a host conducting proceedings via Zoom and automated cameras shouldn’t have made it too difficult to do.
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  18. Lisa Appleton has confirmed she's taking part in her series interview, I hope Alexandra DeGale does it!.
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  19. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    This was a moment.
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