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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. my favorite moment in that season. They were so wrong lmao
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  2. Who is the woman with long dark hair? When she and Vanessa both downed their wine as soon as the N word allegations came up again I screamed.
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  3. Becki, I think she was Emma's replacement.
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  4. I’ve enjoyed watching these. I’m currently watching the series 10 reunion.
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  5. I've been enjoying them too! I couldn't get through the one with just Maxwell, Anthony and Eugene though Maxwell is a muppet and the way he talks about women is a disgrace. Just watching the series 10 one now and Sree just said Sophia dying was karma! That's fucking horrendous.
  6. I was just about to mention Sree. It was awkward as fuck.

    Do you know if he’s interviewing the channel 5 era housemates?
  7. I think so! and putting together some celeb ones!.
  8. I just got done on Series 7 and loved it, even with so many iconics missing it was still rivetting.

    Hearing Lea say Shabaz threatened to kill them in their sleeps and she had to hide the knives was shocking stuff.

  9. I was a big fan of this particular series and loved this reunion.

    I found it interesting what Ife said about Josie being fake in the house and a different person to whom she'd met before they went in. I was never a big Josie fan and definitely didn't feel she deserved to win.

    Shabby and Sunshine should've both been in the final 3 for me.
  10. Josie is one of the worst winners ever, all I remember of her is wrapped in her rammy quilt with crab-eyes.
  11. Josie deserved to win for this scene alone

  12. You're by yourself with that opinion then. What a tragic way to end BB on Channel 4.
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  13. Suzie followed me on Instagram and replied to my message welcoming her to Insta, Queen of tea and getting wet (Least someone got wet wasn't Saskia)
  14. Despite being a bit of a bore for the most part, I actually really liked Susie.
    After re-watching S7, that ep with Mikey & Richard fighting in the bedroom over the rat I think it was, with Susie propped up in her bed cackling at the tomfoolery around her absolutely sent me!!!
    She would always come out with a few one-liners that were actually really funny too.
  15. I'm pretty much watching BB S7 for the first time and the episode where automated BB deliberately keeps Susie l on hold for 30+ mins when she has to provide nominations (but not the other contestants) is hilarious.
    Big brother were deliberately trolling her.

    In general I like Susie and would have sided with her in the house. Yes, she isn't your usual BB contestant, disapproved of the younger contestants actions, and obviously bought her way into the house, but she is calming and does speak sense.
  16. Kim Woodburn is narrating a show on channel 5 tonight called “When Celebrity goes horribly wrong”
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  17. Such a class act still, love her.
  18. Eileen not remembering the male housemates on the zoom chat is hilarious

  19. Jackie Stallone has sadly died.
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  20. Nooooo, Brackie!!
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