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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. I can’t say that I liked him during his CBB stint but he did provoke some of the other housemates (all women) into providing some iconic moments including Chloe Khan/Maffia pouring water into his shoes as revenge for being awful to her (“thirsty shooooe”), Saira inflicting psychological torture on him during that task where they had to keep a balloon attached to them intact (“I’ve told you my name five times already - pronounce my name correctly or I’ll burst your balloon” while looming over him on the bed threateningly) and Katie Waissel reminding him that her grandmother was “more famous than him for sucking dick”.
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  2. Always nice to see a CBB alum in the spotlight not for their untimely death:
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  3. Love Saira but that outfit screams, When you have the gym at 9 and a parent teacher conference at 11.
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  4. The episode in BB18 where all the old housemates returned is still such an absolute kii. Definitely one of my favourite single episodes of the C5 era.

    Sue leaving the house with leftovers from the party BB threw for the housemates will never not leave me in stitches. Such an underrated moment.
  5. chanelle’s chaotic day back remains must see tv
  6. Happy 15th anniversary of the launch night of the best celebrity series.
  7. what a ride, what an ensemble. I can watch this one year after year and it still doesn’t get old!
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  8. We were spoiled that year with this gem followed by Nikki, Grace and Aisleyne's dramas a few months later.

    2006 we miss you.
  9. Re-watching BB7 a few years ago really changed my opinion on Nikki. Yes she was entertaining but she was very problematic too. The transphobia towards Sam in particular was disgraceful and made for some very uncomfortable viewing at times. I know it was 2006 but that's still no excuse.

    It's in later years that Aisleyne became my favourite from that year. Such a well-rounded housemate; funny, entertaining but a good person with it too. She didn't get involved with the bitchy clique and totally held her own in there.
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  10. I’m still amazed that nobody in the crowd yelled out “There’s a fake housemate!” while the others were entering.
  11. I really don't understand why we haven't been gifted a new CBB series in this current climate? It seems like a no brainer to me.
  12. Rob


    The house was torn down some time ago and unfortunately equipping a new place with all those cameras would be too costly for a one-off series.
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  13. I'm A Celeb managed it with that Welsh castle and a few built on sets, Wouldn't be the same but the thoughts of Lady C, Kelly Peakman and Chanel the African Grey's Ma on a new series of CBB has me frothing at the mouth.
  14. Christine from Selling Sunet would be iconic (we’d get Divina in reality and deal but whatevs) x
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  15. At great expense though. Unfortunately I'm A Celeb gets 10m viewers for ITV, and CBB... wouldn't.
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  16. Girls, today marks the 5th anniversary of the greatest moment in not only Celebrity Big Bertha history but also TV as a medium.

    Angie: What did I do?!
    Danniella: You told her that David was dead with cancer.
    Angie: Yes he is!
    Danniella: He's in there asleep!

    Truly iconic from start to finish.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. Gemma just standing there confused with her wet hair always sends me...
  18. Tiffany why couldn't you just let us have this one thing???
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