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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. I was watching a montage of fights from the Charley Uchea season and this one bit SENT me

    one of the women was in bed and she screamed SHUT UP SINGING SHOIYTE!!!!

    someone responded “we’re just singin’ spice girls!” And she claps back even louder “SHITE!!!!!!!!”
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  2. Ooooh Aisleyne, Nikki and Grace reunited...

    Cant wait to see this.
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  3. "You better know yourself if you're talking about me...
    Little Girl!"
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  4. She has a name! Shabnam "Would I still get deals?".

    (1:45 for the singing portion)

    (This is one of my lockdown new discoveries.)
  5. "I forgot I have to sing."

    "My hair is really flattering at this angle."

    "If I spit on you, can you edit it out."

    The general nonsense about Madonna.

  6. It's like a proper scripted comedy. Deceased!
  7. I agree that the current situation we’re in is the perfect time for another series.
    I wouldn’t mind celeb or civilian to be honest, I just miss it.
  8. My niece was born today and her middle name is Katherine “with a K”
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  9. I'd be delighted for them to do a viral version of CBB rather than a usual CBB, AKA get people with slightly less expensive fees. It would probably be more entertaining!
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  10. Some more fabulous contestants for CBB:Viral.
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  11. Wow that was so disappointing edited down to less than ten minutes, what was the point Rylan?

    Bet the full version of this was amazing, you can tell Aisleyne absolutely cannot stand Richard and Lea haha


    More is coming thankfully

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  12. Glyn has had such a glow-up. He actually seems like the most mature of the lot.
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  13. God... 15 years. I was 15 when it aired. Pete Burns, Chantelle & Preston... feels like an absolute lifetime ago.
  14. I can’t believe the legend that is Bonneh is using @BonnieE56495447 like some sort of online spammer instead of something that reflects her glory such as @BeanFlickerBonneh
  15. Always a bummer hearing about BB/CBB alumni moving into the heavenly house next door.
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  16. Adding Jackie Weaver into the mix.
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  17. The original cock destroyer. Lea walked so Rebecca and Sophie could run.
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