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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Oh my goodness that is just devastating that poor girl has had such a tragic life. I pray she gets the help she needs.
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  2. I have to say, in her various appearances towards the end of the Channel 5 run of BB, I feared she had relapsed. I'm so upset to find out how bad it has got. I hope she get the help she deserves.
  3. It's so sad, but covid 19/lockdown removes control. A lot of the psychology about eating disorders is about control. If you don't have control, then it can lead to a relapse with an eating disorder.
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  4. Someone I studied with set up an organisation called Body Gossip which combines art and education to promote body positivity. About 10 years ago, the group put together this really powerful performance - a reading of a poem which immediately came to mind when I read the news about Nikki, primarily because she is one of the performers involved (and was a really proactive advocate for the charity) but also due to the message it sends.

    Hoping she, and anyone else suffering, gets the support they need.
  5. Her gofundme campaign has topped 50k

    So glad.
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  6. I’m so upset I hope she can get the help she needs!
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  7. Wow horrific. How utterly sad for all involved.
  8. So saddened to see what Nikki is going through. Loved her on Big Brother, she really was one of the best stars of that show.
    I hope she gets help and soon.
  9. What I love the most is that I can see how the BB community stepped up and came together. Both the UK, Canada and worldwide. I've seen the likes of Vanessa Feltz, Rylan, Imogen Thomas (BB7), Glyn Wise (BB7), Richard Newman (BB7), Michelle Visage, Arisa Cox (host of BBCAN), Sarah Hanlon (winner of BBCAN3), Kevin Martin (winner of BBCAN5), Phil Paquette (winner of BBCAN4 where Nikki was on as well) and many, many others shared the page and donated. It truly warms my heart.
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  10. Decided it was long past the time to honour a true Big Brother legend via avatar.
  11. I actually live in the same flat development as Nikki and have seen her on numerous occasions walking around during lockdown. Knowing and being a fan of her from BB It was obvious her anorexia was in a bad place. Even though I knew who she was Ive never felt like I had a right to speak to her but wish she knew how adored she is.

    It seems like she has a strong network around her and I think she lives with her mum. I hope she gets the help she needs and bounces back stronger than ever ❤️
  12. It is heartbreaking to see what Nikki has been going through, but equally reassuring to see the support that has rallied behind her. She is truly an international icon of reality tv, and beyond the recognition she got for her outrageous behavior, her heart and compassion for others is what always made her so lovable. She deserves the best chance at a fulfilling life.

    On another note...I'm feeling compelled to rewatch BB8 for the greatness that is Charley Uchea.
  13. I hope Nikki gets well soon. Whenever I think of BBUK and CBBUK, I think of her.
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  15. Heartbreaking.
  16. Im absolutely gutted. The definition of a pop culture icon. I dont even know what to say. She gave us so much. I can only hope she got all the help and support she needed right to the end
  17. Truly awful.
  18. Genuinely upsetting news. Utterly tragic. The fact that she became such an icon in spite of spending her life in the grips of that awful disease is a real testament to her.
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