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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Absolutely heartbreaking. Poor Nikki
  2. Copied and pasted story so you don't have to click on any The Sun/Sky News/etc links:
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  3. NOOOOO. This is absolutely devastating. I’m in complete shock, what an icon. My thoughts to her friends and family, how utterly heartbreaking.
  4. An icon. I'm so shocked and sad.
  5. I'm genuinely heartbroken at this. Nikki was a one-off, and the blueprint for so many reality TV participants that followed her.

    She left so many iconic moments and will go down as one of the all-time greatest reality show contestants: few had the same kind of national pop culture impact she did. An icon, a survivor, and a queen.
  6. When this thread was bumped again and last I checked was the Nikki news I knew something was up. FUCK. This is so fucking sad. I’m really crying. I remember how I never heard of the BBUK show and her and Chantelle were the first two seasons of the show that I watched.

    Rest in peace, Nikki. ❤️
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  7. I know we brand words like icon and legend around a lot these days, but Nikki truly was a legend.

    A poster girl of a generation, a real figure head of the era of late 2000’s reality TV. She was incredibly entertaining, wonderfully bratty, loud, vulnerable, funny and all with the biggest heart.

    All my thoughts are with her family and friends x
  8. This is so depressing. I genuinely thought she'd pull through.
  9. So so sad I really hoped she would get the help she needed.

    a bb legend if not the biggest alongside Jade Goody.
  10. Throughout her entire time in the public eye, she has shown amazing strength and resilience and her personality has always shone through with such vibrance and tenacity that it was hard not to be drawn to her - she truly made her mark in pop culture and, despite being much more private in the years that followed, looked to be living her best life. I truly hope she was.

    So so sad. What an absolute icon who will be remembered with such fondness (and with a massive, massive smile).
  11. To quote the late icon: "Who IS she? WHO IS SHE?"

    One of the first reality TV people to really question the persona she was crafting.
  12. Really, really upsetting news. One of the only comforting thoughts at the moment is her Mum revealing that Nikki was aware of the tremendous support she had from the public via the GoFundMe. At least she had the comfort of that even during her most troubling times.
  13. I will always remember her smile as well. It’s like after her “tantrums/outbursts”, she’ll flash us the most innocent, angelic smile.

    We’ll miss you so much Nikki.
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  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Gutting! She was incredible TV, such a loss.
  15. Heartbroken.

    If Channel 4 don't make a huge tribute show in her honour, we riot.
  16. No way. She was an absolute icon that series and that quote is the first thing that comes to mind to when I think of Big Brother.
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  17. It's so sad that she was preparing to go back into private treatment. Heartbreaking news. Such a legend. RIP Nikki.
  18. I’m so upset by this news, RIP Nicki, I’ve had the pleasure of having a few drinks with her years ago, such a lovely girl.
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  19. K94


    Very hurt by this - one of the few housemates that could never be replicated. Truly iconic.
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