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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Rob


    RIP Nikki. Such a sad loss.

    Ready for Channel 4 to dedicate their entire weekend's programming to her after ignoring Prince Philips death.
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  2. I’m so sad to hear this.

    This was quite a touching moment from Ultimate BB.

  3. I'm heartbroken, a true legend.
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  4. My hearts broken, Nikki captivated me since 2006. She was the definition of a reality STAR. RIP you icon, I hope they have bottled water at the pearly gates.
  5. Correct priority:

  6. Such sad news about Nikki. So many iconic moments.
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  7. A fucking TITAN of British TV history. She won't be forgotten.
  8. It's beyond sad. Eating disorders are absolute hell. Rest in peace, Nikki.
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  9. I loved the fact she always seemed to be friends with the unlikeliest people, just through sheer force of personality. Like.. the Libertines?!

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  10. Aisleyne’s Instagram is so sad.
  11. I can’t bring myself to read it, they way Aisleyne was so protective of her during that Channel 5 series like a big sister ugh
  12. This is so upsetting, Nikki was a true icon.
  13. I'm so sad, I absolutely adore her. Every series I always hoped she'd re-enter the Big Brother house. I think she possibly re-entered most and every moment she was just incredible to watch.

    I genuinely quote her all the time. Sometimes things just need to be said as they are and when someone pisses me off I do say the most famous line or ask where work found someone who might be winding me up the wrong way. Even when I'm cold and complaining about the air con in work I always think of Nikki and nearly always send out a gif of Nikki in the Diary Room in anger. Such trivial stuff but her impact as a Big Brother housemate really stuck with me all these years.

    Such a loss, such a legend.
  14. Legend, Icon and there will never be another she was reality tv and she was always fearlessly her self the good and bad that’s what made her so relatable. Heartbroken. Rest in Peace Angel.
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  15. This genuinely hurts my heart. I haven't been able to concentrate the last hour.

    Anorexia is a truly nasty, evil illness and she fought for so damn long and it's not fair this is the end. She was a pure, unique soul and a fucking icon! One of a kind! RIP
  16. Very upsetting news. She was so iconic and likeable. I had no idea she was so ill, just awful.

    RIP Nikki.
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  17. Very sad news.
    I’m just shocked.
  18. This is so fucking tragic I’m gonna cry. Nikki literally changed my life. She’s how I discovered Big Brother UK which I got my mom into with me, and it was a major source of bonding for us for many years.
  19. The absolute horror 2020 must’ve been like for someone suffering from an eating disorder, ugh I can’t believe we’re no longer going to be graced with her presence in any future BB UK shows.
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