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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Her comedic timing was always on point.
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  2. So tragic and depressing. People out here devastated over Prince Philip dying at age 99? Here's a woman at age 38 who likely wouldn't have died this young if it hadn't been for lockdown/covid19.
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  3. Nikki was and is Reality Royalty.

    I'm not really a watcher of the American-format following franchises of the show, but Nikki snatching a slot on BBCAN was such a genius crossover moment that I'm so happy happened now.
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  4. Not just the best Big Brother contestant of all time, but the best reality star period.
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  5. CHRIST I need to see a fucking chiropractor after this. I’m feeling very venomous and angry that Nikki has passed.

    And also anyone who feels compelled to post a hot take like this.

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  6. Not even the audacity to spell her name correctly
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  7. I'm not sure if any of yall got to see Nikki on Big Brother Canada, but that's the only place I've seen her and I instantly fell in love. I didn't find out she had an eating disorder until the Go Fund Me and I was hoping for the best. Such sad news! She was one of the best players in the history of Big Brother Canada and based on the reaction I'm seeing, clearly she had the same impact on the UK series.

    Literally from the moment she walked into that house she was such a bright light! My sympathies to all her family, friends and fans.
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  8. I do often wonder with Nikki specifically if she'd have passed all the tests to get on if we had the same kind of awareness back then of mental health/pastoral care than producers seem to have now. Putting someone with a low-lying ED in a situation where you specifically take control away from them and isolate them was, in retrospect, incredibly risky. She dealt with it really well and gave us iconic TV, but it could have quite easily gone the other way.
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  10. Typical Tory.
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  11. I can literally hear Nikki saying "poor Pete" in my head watching this. So heartbreaking.

    The fact they'd sing Kate Bush songs together though has just made my day.
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  12. Grace's final DM broke me
  13. For some reason I can't help but think the cancellation of Big Brother must have been very tough for Nikki. It was consistency in her world, a lifeline to employment, and regular access to television cameras where she thrived.
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  14. I feel such a deep sense of loss. I’m finding it hard to put it into words. Like she epitomised that time in my life - I was coming out and coming into my own - it was one of the most popular series and I was a Big Brother fanatic by that point. I have so memories linked to this series and to Nikki. All the quotes, tantrums and laughs made such an impact on me. Still now I will screech ‘IM THE PA!’ If I get what I want, WHO IS SHE?! If someone is rude or ‘IM SOOOOO COLD’. And lest we forget her iconic takedown of Helen. A true icon I just hope she knew how loved she was and how much joy she brought!
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  15. Pete was talking about this with Sky News this morning. The fact that Nikki was in really bad shape during the first lockdown too and she called Pete asking him to come get her really breaks my heart. All those years later she still felt closest to some of the people she had met from Big Brother.

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  16. Big Brother Canada will be doing an on-air tribute, I assume tonight or Thursday's eviction show.

  17. From Big Brother Canada.

  18. Wow that is really low of Imogen to make those accusations.
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