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Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MYCAL, Apr 29, 2015.

  1. Rumours suggest it's going to be hosted by Mo
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  2. the reception this is getting online is quite remarkable. a very smart move to air it on the advert break just before the winners reveal. and the teaser was absolutely sublime. that instantly recognisable theme tune, everybody knew right away.
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  3. This, Rylan is a great presenter for the spin off show if they bring it back - but I don't want him hosting the main show.

    6 weeks does feel short, I feel like 7-8 would make more sense. However, CBB has given us amazing seasons in under 4 weeks and many seasons have peaked before week 6 - so I know it can still deliver.
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  4. Would Emma come back? She's linked to ITV with The Voice now and that's pretty much her only big job since The Circle ended.
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  5. Manifesting Maya Jama or Konnie Huq as hosts.

  6. I love Rylan, he always strikes me as a good human and a decent presenter. But I agree that he wouldn’t be the right person to host the main show. I could envisage him getting caught up in the spectacle and not maintaining composure at the right times. I’d probably be the same if I was the host to be fair.
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  7. I’m already getting the impression that the Channel 5 version will be sort of swept under the carpet and this will be more of a continuation of where the Channel 4 version left off.

    Even though Channel 5 put a lot of effort into Big Brother, I can’t imagine it comparing to the kind of status, budget and promotional campaign that ITV will be able to generate.
  8. Alison was lovely.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Guess this news means it's time to resurrect my campaign to get Nichola Holt's magnum opus The Game on streaming services so she can rightfully have her Running Up That Hill Stranger Things chart momenT.
  10. Part of me would love either Davina or Rylan to be involved, but I think they need to give it a completely fresh start. I'm excited anyway. It was a show that still had its moments even up to the end on Channel 5.
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  11. The Season 17 viewings were peak PJ.
  12. I'm happy it's back, but also I'm tempering my expectations a little – ITV2 has such a specific demographic it's used to providing content for that I'd be surprised if most of the contestants weren't chosen to fit that, and with a bunch of them already having existing social media followings. I don't think it'll be quite as extreme as Love Island, but I'm not sure we'll get the glory days of a dozen eccentrics and iconic messy queens again.
  13. I am super excited but worry that with ITV2 involved the cast will be just full of Love Island clones.
  14. LTG


  15. Hopefully they realise that they have already got Love Island for the young and attractive. They can allow themselves a different clientele for Big Brother.
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  16. I’m really excited that it’s coming back, but I do hope the cast is just normal everyday people (which I know might be a bit harder to find these days). I want to see Carol, the 52 year old from Nottingham who works in Spar have a cigarette and a chat with Harry, the 23 year old student from London. The social experiment side of the show really needs to be brought back to the forefront.
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  17. As gutted as I was when it ended, I'm not sure I have it in me to watch this 7 nights a week for 6+ weeks at a time anymore.

    I'd rather them just go messy with a celebrity version.
  18. This makes me so sad Nikki isn't here. She'd be fucking over the moon BB is coming back.
  19. I’ve been thinking a lot about Nikki since the news came out too. It still doesn’t feel real that she’s gone.

    I keep hearing people say they want “normal people” on - but honestly some of my favorites have been the biggest freaks and attention whores. That being said - I don’t want an entire cast of 20 something social media influencers.

    If they’re going to take casting cues from any era, let it be from BB5-BB8.
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