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I honestly forgot how great they were together. Day 3, when the group is going through their first shopping list and realise they've gone over budget.

Science: "Take things off [the list] while you're in there but leave the salad cream and the fish fingers, yeah?!"

Kemal (seconds later to Makosi): Get rid of the fish fingers and the salad cream.

They were messy and I love watching every second of it.
Makosi has got to be one of the most iconic Big Brother contestants of all time.

Running to the diary room to collect the evening's booze and spending 2 hours drinking as much as she can and leaving the rest. Driving Maxwell, Saskia and co to insanity. Delicious.
BB6 was so good. So many great housemates and moments. Shame about Eugene though. And poor Scary Mary could have been great if she'd gotten longer.

That argument just reminds me of Orlaith seeing off her mortal enemies Science and Kemal in the two closest votes in history back to back, sitting smirking at the result, then walking the next day which led to the return of Kinga and that incident.

That 5/6/7 and I'll give them 8 too run was just perfection really.
8 is where the Channel 4 run fell apart for me. Too many housemates putting on kooky personalities for the cameras, with none of the charisma of the 5-7 housemates. At least it had tyrant Carole.
8 was boring in the long run.

9 was a pleasant return to form, then I don't think I watched a full series until like BB16 or something
BB8 was amazing while Charley and Chanelle were around, then it went to shit. Overall I still think it’s an underrated season though, but maybe that’s because I went into watching it with low expectations and didn’t see it live.

BB10 was another season I found to be underrated.