Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

I need to defer to the Hammondheads on here because I’ve only ever seen Alison’s This Morning viral clips etc. but one thing that I always valued about Davina and Emma was how, in eviction interviews, they would sometimes* be willing to push back on a housemate whose behavior was less than stellar. Would Alison be able to do that as well, or would it just be “babes” and “darlings” no matter who it was or what they did?
(*Makosi BB6 interview not included)
I rewatched the whole of Season 6 as an adult (I was 12 when it aired.)

Makosi and Kemal.

There were too many massive personalities in BB6 for Vanessa to make a big impact but she was still a cute sidekick to Makosi and Kemal.

Truly though, I would potentially go as far as to say BB6 had the best cast of any reality show in history