Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole last night looking up Leslie Jordan CBB content and found myself for the first time watching the highlights show for the day that Jade was evicted from CBB5 (I have worn out the live eviction episodes). I suppose I never really thought too much about it, but I kinda believed that Jo and Danielle had no idea what was waiting for them outside the house, or that they were so divorced from reality that they had no recollection of their behavior. It was wild to watch them essentially realize (a) they had majorly fucked up and (b) they knew exactly what they had done to cause it.
Chantelle the fake celebrity is my all-time favorite celebrity reality twist. But as time went on and we all got social media and shows started leaking their entire cast lists ahead of time, it saddened me to think that I would never see this twist again. Needless to say I was thrilled this week when I discovered that the Australian version of “I’m A Celebrity” pulled it off this year.

They/them, he/him
Give up! You will not get the better of me, you horrible, horrible girl.

And let's not forget this iconic moment, my love!: