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Nadia is an absolute legend, but let's not just erase from memory the jokes and comments made about her that were offensive and transphobic, even the glee with which Davina would tell eliminated contestants "Someone in there is hiding a bit secret - Nadia is a man!".

Fortunately she was such a wonderful person and housemate people fell in love with her and she had the time to ensure those jokes at her expense fell away. I'm not saying the tweeter doesn't have a point, but the idea the UK was more enlightened 19 years ago I don't think is the case (there was no Twitter to start with), and I also reckon that the sort of bile we see directed at trans people online wouldn't mean someone like Nadia couldn't win a huge reality show (if any existed) in 2023. The British public are massively fickle when it comes to stuff like that.
Totally agree, but I think the level of trans panic we have now cannot be compared to 2004. I haven't watched the series other than the highlights because I was literally 4 years old when it aired originally sdhsfk but I think it's obvious that it definitely wasn't a topic that was dealt with respectfully 19 years ago.

I would liken it to how Prince and Bowie could get away with genderfuck stuff in the 70/80/90s and everyone loved it, but Sam Smith takes off their suit and there's a moral outrage. People were more open to accepting exceptions many years ago, because they were presented as such - as exceptions. Society writ large began to push back when the idea of a trans person or someone exploring gender nonconformity became something that they could encounter in their everyday life.

Also, if I'm really frank, I think it may be a lot of repression from people that wasn't there 20 years ago. I don't like to chalk homophobia and transphobia up to people being in the closet, but I think a lot of the moral panic around it from a lot of people is jealously that they haven't been able to be as open about their gender expression, the same way that a lot of people feel about their sexuality. These things are truly on a spectrum.

‘Big Brother’: Being ‘Intelligent,’ ‘Upmarket’ Key to Revival’s Success, Says ITV Content Chief​

Kevin Lygo, managing director, media and entertainment at ITV, has revealed what he thinks are the key ingredients to the success of the upcoming revival of “Big Brother” on the U.K. commercial broadcaster this fall.

The British version of the iconic reality TV series is set to return to screens this year after what will be a five-year hiatus on network ITV2 and streaming platform ITVX. From its launch in 2000 until 2010 the show aired on Channel 4 before moving to Channel 5 in 2011. It ran there for seven years until Channel 5 finally retired the format in 2018.

Speaking to the media during an earnings call after ITV declared its 2022 financial results, Lygo said: “The key to ‘Big Brother’ is to keep it like it was in its golden period – to have it more interesting, intelligent, upmarket etc. than other reality shows. It’s a great addition to have in the autumn [fall] period.”

Lygo said that the other big hitter for ITV would be “Love Island” over the summer. When asked about the relative underperformance of “Love Island” the winter past, Lygo said: “The winter period is a much more competitive environment generally across every service. We were very happy with the figures honestly. And it’s still this extraordinary phenomenon that getting nearly three million viewers every night at nine o’clock – the biggest young show that is on the television set. So there’s no panic at all about ‘Love Island’ and we’ll continue to make it. It’s rolling out successfully across the rest of the world as well.”

ITV CEO Carolyn McCall added that 2/3rd of the “Love Island” viewership was from the 16-34 age bracket. “For the first time ever, more viewers are watching ‘Love Island’ on ITVX than ITV, because it’s so convenient, they can catch up really late at night,” McCall said.

Wish it was in the Summer instead of Fall, but nonetheless very excited.

Also, people are further speculating AJ Odudu as host as she was "strategically placed" next to Davina and Josie Gibson in a Saturday Night Takeaway skit on ITV.