Big Brother / Celebrity Big Brother UK

I think it's Chanelle, Jenkins, Jordan, Tom & Trish.

Once we find out, we need to be strategic with the voting.
Yep the best strategy would be all Trish supporters vote the “most disliked” from the foul four. So voting Olivia and Chanelle would make most sense to keep Trish (if they’re up).

Jenkin and Tom haven’t done enough to annoy the casuals.
I'll be surprised if Olivia is up though, she's managed to iron out all her issues with the likes of Matty. I could see her only getting a nom from Henry or Yinrun.
If a 'record number of housemates' are up I do think Trish will be one of them. In fact I can only really see Matty and Yinrun escaping, everyone else will pick up one or two for various things.
The only good thing about more than just the foul four being up is that after 2 of them (hopefully) get evicted, the remaining 2 can't sit around afterwards and moan that the public didn't have much option to choose from.
He / Him
I think Tom will miss out on being put up because let’s be honest he’s forgettable. I call Jinkies, Chanelle, Olivia, Jordan and Trish. Noky could be there too.